All That

Season 10 Episode 1

All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special
The cast from All That, past and present, come back to celebrate its 10th Anniversary special.

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  • Just Painful to watch.

    Once again painful to watch. First off it was great that they brought back all the old.. wait brought back some of the old cast members. But that was it. To me they focusedI am glad to much on Kenan & Kel. I mean there great and all but there was just to much of them. This can be told in the opening credits when Kenan Kel Josh & and Danny are the first ones to appear. The other thing was they could have done the the opening a little better. Like giving more seconds to the hold cast members. I mean do we really want to see Jamie and Chelsea dancing. The singing was great until the second performance. They made the song all that worse. And sorry to say Franky just didnt make it better.moreless

    Man did I enjoy this EP. of ALL THAT. It was great to see Fat Cop, Detective Dan, Principal Pimpel and all those other Classic characters of All That. Man I was practically singing \"I\'m A Dude, He\'s a Dude, She\'s a dude...\" with Kel on the Good Burger Sketch. It\'s was unforgettable. I\'m gonna miss those Days. ALOT.
Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz


Guest Star

Danny Tamberelli

Danny Tamberelli

Himself/Jack Campbell, Fat Cop

Guest Star

Josh Server

Josh Server

Himself/Detective Dan

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The kid in the good burger sketch falls off the ladder and says he broke his arm, after he says that Kel starts playing with that arm. When the other guy says, "I'm gonna go take him to the emergency room," he puts the kid on his shoulder and Kel shakes the kids other hand, but the kid acts like thats the one he broke.

    • Kenan and Kel goofed in the same way they did on the 100 episode. After Kenan yells: "CRUNCH BUNNY!", Kenan and Kel start to laugh

    • Principle Pimpelle's pimple is on the wrong side of his forehead. Though it's an understandable mistake, seeing as how Kenan hasn't done that character in years.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Bernie Kibbitz (Josh) (to Ed after he takes out a rotten Good Burger): What is that?!
      Ed (Kel): This is the first Good Burger I made ten years ago. I keep it under my bed!
      Bernie Kibbitz (Josh): That is a tragedy on a bun!

    • Repairman (Kel): I'm Repairman, man, man, man!
      Kianna: Who does their own echo?
      Repairman (Kel): Shut your head hole!

    • Repairman (Kel): (while being lead away by security guards) Hey! What do you guys want? Want me to repair something? 'Cause I could repair it!

    • Coach Kreeton (Kel): My tongue is on fire!
      Randy (Jack): Did somebody say "fire"? 'Cause I'm Randy Quench, Volunteer Fireman!
      Principal Pimpell (Kenan): This sketch is clearly out of control.

    • Coach Kreeton (Kel): (to Principal Pimpell) I'm not coming back teaching those demon communist children!

    • Coach Kreeton (Kel): Why didn't you jump through the window that's already broken?
      Detective Dan (Josh): I'm Detective Dan.
      Principal Pimpell (Kenan): I believe that answers the question at hand.
      Detective Dan: Thank you. Now I believe there's been a burglary here!
      Coach Kreeton: Yes, somebody done come up here and stole my ring and my happiness, SIMULTANEOUSLY!
      Detective Dan: I see, but wait a minute. How do you know so much about this burglary? Perhaps, you're the burglar.
      Coach Kreeton: Are you insinuating that I-
      (Detective Dan takes a taser and shocks Coach Kreeton, who falls behind his couch and crashes against his wall)
      Detective Dan: Well I guess that solves the case of the sticky kangaroo.
      Principal Pimpell: I don't remember meeting a kangaroo, less one that is sticky.

    • Kenan Thompson: Here's Nick Cannon.
      Nick Cannon: That's me! Wait, that wasn't my sketch, was it?

    • Lil' J.J.: When you smell smoke in your house, call the fire department. When you smell smoke in your pants, ask yourself, why am I smelling my pants?

    • Ryan Coleman: Don't make fun of Tamberelli. Hasn't his life been tough enough?
      Danny Tamberelli: Yeah! Hey, what do you mean by that?

    • Frankie Muniz: Did you ever think the show would go on for that long?
      Kenan Thompson: Absolutely not! I'm just kidding.

    • Christina Kirkman: You got to love the big Ear of Corn.
      Josh Server: Yeah, but only as a friend!

  • NOTES (10)

    • According to promos made by Nick to advertise the Reunion, Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon were going to take part in the festivities; however Amanda only appeared inarchive footage, and Nick only made a small appearance via satellite.

    • Though a credited cast member in season six, Gabriel Iglesias does not appear in the intro.

    • Amanda Bynes only appears in clip.

    • The Opening shows clips of the credits from all the cast members from season 1 to current.

    • A computer graphic that says "10th Anniversary Reunion Special" is placed above the "All That Live" outdoor red carpet area with an audience from the 100th episode to make it appear as if the crowd is there for the reunion! The words "All That Live" can clearly be seen.

    • This episode got shortened to a half hour for re-runs

    • Frankie Muniz was the host of the All That 10th Aniversary Reunion Special.

    • All though this was supposed to be a reunion, the only past members actually featured were Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Jamie Lynn Spears, Danny Tamberelli, and Kenan Thompson. Leon Frierson, Katrina Johnson, Christy Knowings, Alisa Reyes, Mark Saul, and Giovonnie Samuels were present, albeit unacknowledged. Angelique Bates, Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg, Tricia Dickson, Bryan Hearne, and Shane Lyons only appeared in archive footage.

    • This is the first time LILJJ is seen doing Vital Information!

    • Nick Cannon made a small appreance.