All That

Season 10 Episode 1

All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Chelsea Brummet, Ryan Coleman, Jack DeSena, Lisa Foiles, Christina Kirkman, & Kyle Sullivan start out the episode telling us that it is All That's 10th Anniversary. Ryan tells us that the musical guest stars are Ashanti & Lil' Bow Wow. Christina says that Frankie Muniz is hosting the show but he is not there yet. The reason he isn't there is because Selma Stump [played by Jaime Lynn Spears] will not let him on to the stage. Frankie needs a pass or some bacon to get through. He quickly goes to a vending machine and buys some bacon. Selma lets him go on stage. Frankie apologizes to the audience and tells them it is going to be a good show. Past clips of the show run by.

Good Burger: Good Burger is having its 10th Anniversary and two people working there put up a sign about it. Ed [played by Kel Mitchell] thinks that it is somebody's birthday and blows a horn. This frightens the worker on a ladder [played by Ryan Coleman] and he falls and breaks his arm. Ed does not make it better when he touches it. The manager [played by Jack DeSena] now needs to bring him to the hospital. He tells Ed to get ready for the celebration and they leave. Old Man Bernie [played by Josh Server] comes in Good Burger with his great-granddaughter Bernice [played by Christina Kirkman]. Ed thinks that they meant that Bernice was Bernie's niece. They try to correct him but then he wants to know who "Ber" is. When that is through, they order a 10th Anniversary good burger. What they get is a burger that is 10 years old that is the first good burger Ed ever made. He kept it under his pillow. Bernie gets mad and then gets a heart attack. Bernice gets the First Aid Kit and starts shocking him to make him better. Bernie is still alive. Ed thinks that it was cool and starts shocking him some more. They leave. Lester Oaks, construction worker [played by Kenan Thompson] comes into Good Burger. He wants a chili burger. Ed gives him a burger that is in an ice cube; a "chilly" burger. Lester demands chili so Ed sprays it at him with a hose. When he stops, Lester is covered in chili and Ed wants $8. Lester yells at him and leaves, unsatisfied. A fellow Good Burger employee, Tansy [played by Chelsea Brummet] gives Ed some balloons to hold. A pretty girl [played by Lisa Foiles] comes in the fast food place, holding a purse with her dog inside. She wants a good burger, but forgot her money in the limo. She leaves her purse and her dog, Jingle Bell, with Ed. A delivery person [played by Danny Tamberelli] gives Ed some fireworks. They are going to set them off in the parking lot later but the delivery person does not care. Ed puts them on the grill. The pretty girl comes back with money. Ed ties the balloon on her purse (with the dog in it) so he can take her order. The purse floats up out of the building and the girl runs after it. Bernie, Bernice, Lester Oaks, & the two workers who went to go to the hospital return. They are going to yell at Ed but the fireworks explode. (That's the end of the sketch.)

Chelsea Brummet goes off the set after the Good Burger skit. She goes off to get changed for the next act. Clavis [played by Kel Mitchell] & Mavis [played by Kenan Thompson] stop her as they need to know where the bathroom is. They realize that she is one of the cast. Mavis wants to go on a date with her. Clavis tells him that Chelsea would never go on a date with him because she likes him more. They start fighting and Chelsea leaves. An old woman spots them fighting. Clavis & Mavis did not realize she left and believe the old woman is Chelsea. They get scared and run away.

Frankie Muniz brings out Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchell. Frankie asks Kenan if he thought that the show would go that long and Kenan did not think so. Frankie asks both of them what was their favorite character to play. Kel's favorite was Coach Kreeton. Kenan's favorite was Pierre Escargot. They show clips of some of the characters they played: Baggin' Saggin' Barry, Pierre Escargot, Superdude, Ishboo, Principal Pimpell, Miss Pidlin, Randy, Mavis [all Kenan], Coach Kreeton, Ed, Repairman, & Clavis [all Kel]. Frankie tells them that there is a party upstairs in that building.

Carlee [played by Jaime Lynn Spears] & Marlee [played by Lisa Foiles] host Trashin' Fashion at the party. They make fun of Danny Tamberelli's outfit. Ryan Coleman tells them to stop as he says that Danny has been through enough. Carlee & Marlee make fun of more guests at the party. They meet the cast of the Nickelodeon show, Drake and Josh. They make fun of Josh Peck's clothes. They say that it is so hideous, they are going it a double "ewww". Drake Bell comes over saying that they should not do that. Josh tells Drake that he will get made fun of too. However, Carlee & Marlee actually like Drake's outfit and give him a double "yum". They go over to get some punch together. Josh cannot believe what just happened and Marlee comes back saying it still looks bad. Josh gets mad. After that, Frankie Muniz shows us some bloopers on the show. Kenan (as Pierre Escargot) forgets his lines, Kenan (as Principal Pimpell) spits on Amanda Bynes, etc. At the party, Josh Server gets reacquainted with the Big Ear of Corn. Jack DeSena & Christina Kirkman go over to him. Jack is about to introduce the musical guest star. Josh remembers when he used to do that. Jack asks him if he would like to do it but Josh turns down the offer. Jack is just about to introduce the guest but Josh, who wanted to do it, tackled him. He introduces Ashanti, who sings "Only You".

Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Jesse McCartney, the band Simple Plan, & Raven-Symone congratulate All That. Frankie Muniz talks to Josh Server & Danny Tamberelli. Frankie asks them how they became part of the cast. Josh was part of the original cast so he has to go through many auditions to get the part. Danny tells them that it changed when he came. He had to knock out a cast member. They are holding auditions for the new cast at that exact moment. In another section of the building, the tryouts are being held. To be part of the cast, you need to knock out Kyle Sullivan. Lisa Foiles is the judge. A little boy punches Kyle which only takes out a tooth. Kianna Underwood is next and she successfully knocks out Kyle. She is now a cast member.

Coach Kreeton: Coach Kreeton [played Kel Mitchell] has been dating a 19 year old girl, named Abby Rhodes [played by Chelsea Brummet], for a year. He wants to "pop a question" to her as she makes his life slightly less miserable. Just then, Principal Pimpell [played by Kenan Thompson] comes in, ruing the moment. Pimpell wants Kreeton to come back and be the coach at the school but he does not want to do that job again. The principal gets angry and his pimple starts to throb. Coach Kreeton tells him what he is about to do and shows Pimpell the sapphire ring. A burglar comes in and takes the ring. Coach Kreeton calls 911. Abby gets scared of what happened and hits Kreeton over the head with a pot. Fat Cop [played by Danny Tamberelli] comes in. He learns about what happened. Kreeton tells Abby to go get coffee with sugar in it so she won't find out he was going to ask the question. Fat Cop goes in the refrigerator, saying he is looking for the burglar. Kreeton tells him to stop. Fat Cop asks if there is another fridge. The coach says there is one near his water bed and the cop runs up the stairs. Pimpell suggests they get a detective and then Detective Dan [played by Josh Server] jumps in from a window. Dan thinks that Kreeton is the bad guy because he knows a lot about the crime. He shocks the coach with a taser. Dan believes that this ends the Case of the Sticky Kangaroo. Abby comes back with the hosts of the show, Sugar & Coffee [played by Lisa Foiles & Kyle Sullivan]. The orbs are lowered and Kreeton is put under each of them. He gets covered in sugar & coffee. He yells out that his tongue is on fire and Randy Quench, Volunteer Fireman [played by Jack DeSena] hears this and comes. He sprays Kreeton with water and he goes though the wall. Then, he sprays everyone until he is the only person in the room. (That's the end of the sketch.)

Kyle & Lisa have a few more tryouts for the cast of All That. Denzel Whitaker knocks out Kyle and now he is part of the cast. All of them go meet up with the rest of the cast. They are going to talk with Nick Cannon, who shows up on satellite. He yells at Jack DeSena for never paying him back. All of the checks he got bounced. His advice to the new cast is to not loan money to Jack. The microphone breaks, so Repairman [played by Kel Mitchell] shows up. He licks the microphone, which does nothing. Then he starts swinging it around and destroys the plasma screen TV. Security takes him away. Frankie shows us things that will be in the new season: A superhero using "butt power", Jesse McCartney & Fantasia Barrino as musical guests, alien restaurant, a hillbilly family, a monster, nerds jumping off a plane, and Randy Quench flying away.

Danny Tamberelli, Josh Server, and Kyle Sullivan introduce Pierre Escargot [played by Kenan Thompson] because he is semi-educational. He says things in French and translates it. They show a clip of Amanda Bynes in an "Ask Ashley" segment. Someone asked her how to make sure the side of a PB&J sandwich is to the person's liking. She screams out to switch it over. Frankie then shows us a clip that was voted the funniest moment on All That. On an "Unreal World" segment, Gabe [played by Kyle Sullivan], the normal guy, does not want anyone else to go in the hot tub. The mummy [played by Giovanni Samuels] gets mad at him. She gets even madder when Zoey [played by Jaime Lynn Spears], a zombie, show up in there unexpected. Gabe finds her foot in the tub and is freaked out. Frank [played by Shane Lyons], the Frankenstein, has to pee. He unzips his pants near the tub, and Gabe jumps out. Frankie tells us that "Vital Information" is being brought back. Lil' J.J. will be hosting it and shows us a "Vital Information" sketch.

Vital Info.: He tells us that if you make a website saying that you are stupid, you are stupid. Also, how you should not sniff your pants and that if your grandmother has certain qualities, than she is a corndog. (That's the end of the sketch.)

Lil' Bow Wow sings the theme song and then the show is over. Clavis & Mavis wake up and say their famous lines: "Hey Clavis, the show's over." Oh yeah. Kick it."