All That

Season 10 Episode 1

All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Just Painful to watch.

    Once again painful to watch. First off it was great that they brought back all the old.. wait brought back some of the old cast members. But that was it. To me they focusedI am glad to much on Kenan & Kel. I mean there great and all but there was just to much of them. This can be told in the opening credits when Kenan Kel Josh & and Danny are the first ones to appear. The other thing was they could have done the the opening a little better. Like giving more seconds to the hold cast members. I mean do we really want to see Jamie and Chelsea dancing. The singing was great until the second performance. They made the song all that worse. And sorry to say Franky just didnt make it better.

    Man did I enjoy this EP. of ALL THAT. It was great to see Fat Cop, Detective Dan, Principal Pimpel and all those other Classic characters of All That. Man I was practically singing \"I\'m A Dude, He\'s a Dude, She\'s a dude...\" with Kel on the Good Burger Sketch. It\'s was unforgettable. I\'m gonna miss those Days. ALOT.