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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Phil Moore / TLC
      Phil Moore / TLC
      Episode 115

      Cool Shoes
      Baggin' Saggin' Barry
      Katrina the Bouncer
      Urkel vs. Urkel
      Miss Fingerly's Class
      Gooey Leftover Refridgerator Puss
      Mavis and Clavis Introduction
      Musical Guest: TLC ("What About Your Friends")
      Mavis and Clavis
      Leap Froggy Frog

    • Da Brat
      Da Brat
      Episode 1

      Sweaty Kenan
      Cooking with Randy & Mandy
      Dr. K and Bill Cosby
      Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
      Good Burger
      Vital Information
      Musical Guest: Da Brat ("Fa' All Ya'll)

    • TLC
      Episode 2

      The Cast isn't Ready
      Ishboo the Foreign Exchange Student
      Vital Information
      Lemonade Scammer
      Lemonade Scammer
      Mavis and Clavis visit TLC's dressing room, then introduce them
      Musical Guest: TLC ("Creep")
      Lemonade Scammer

    • Immature
      Episode 4

      Scary Story
      Jimmy Bond, Agent 1/7
      Good Burger
      Vital Information
      Kenan the Barber
      Vital Information
      Katrina and Kel Misunderstanding then Introduction
      Musical Guest: Immature ("Constantly")

    • Craig Mack
      Craig Mack
      Episode 5

      Katrina Glued to the TV
      Cooking with Randy & Mandy
      Mistaken Identity
      Show and Tell
      Sneezing Mis-fortune
      Vital Information
      Katrina and Gassie Introduction
      Musical Guest: Craig Mack ("Flava in Ya' Ear")

    • Malcolm-Jamal Warner / Brandy

      Liver Let Die: The cast and even director Malcolm Jamal Warner, use fake excuses to escape doing a liver sketch.
      Ishboo School: Ishboo (Kenan) joins Ms. Fingerly's (Lori Beth) and gives her a lesson that she will never forget.
      Vital Information with Lori Beth Demberg
      Earboy for President: Earboy (Josh) runs for student body president.
      Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
      The Laf-a-teria
      Musical Guest: Brandy performs "Baby"

    • Aaliyah
      Episode 7
      Josh Server's Strife w/ father

      Mavis & Clavis: Mavis (Kenan) & Clavis (Kel) are out at lunch.

      Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg

      Oh Lordie, It's Gordie: Gordie does more than irritate Coach Kreeton (Kel)

      I Love Alisa: A fan of Alisa's interupts the sketch. Then, a fan of Kenan's chases him in every sketch following...including the credits.

      Crayopola Boardroom: Employees try to find a name for the latest green color.

      Musical Guest: Aaliyah performs "Age Aint Nothing But A Number"moreless
    • Coolio
      Episode 8

      Good Burger Trainee: Ed (Kel) falls in love with the new Good Burger trainee (Angelique)
      Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
      The Prize Inside
      Audience Vendor: An audience vendor interrupts a pirate sketch.
      Baggin' Saggin' Barry: Barry (Kenan) saves the trip to the tennis match by using his baggy pants.
      Musical Guest: Coolio ("Fantastic Voyage")

    • Soul 4 Real
      Soul 4 Real
      Episode 9
      Picked Last

      Superdude: It's Superdude (Kenan) against Milkman (Josh) in Milkman's Dairy Lair

      Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg

      What's In the Box? - Contestants try to guess what item is in the box. The Host (Josh) ends up going crazy because of one contestant's (Lori Beth) crazy guesses.

      Everyday French With Pierre Escargot

      Nightmare at Hooligan's: Two Girls (Angelique & Alisa) go on a double date with two annoying losers (Kenan & Josh). The girls go to bathroom and use any means necessary to get away from their dates such as trying to climb out the window, blowing up the door, or even switching clothes with two boy scouts.

      Musical Guest: Soul 4 Real ("Candy Rain")moreless
    • Changing Faces
      Changing Faces
      Episode 10
      The Tour

      Return of Randy & Mandy: Randy (Kenan) & Mandy (Angelique) are back on the air!

      Schoolastic Snacks

      Stand-up with Arlene Loofa: Arlene Loofa (Lori Beth) performs stand-up.

      Musical Guest: Changing Faces ("Foolin' Around")
    • Blackstreet
      Episode 11
      Cold Football Open: Kevin directs the cast to the wrong dressing rooms to change for the football sketch. Now the boys are all dressed as cheerleaders and the girls are dressed up in football uniforms.

      Blind Date with Ishboo: Kay (Alisa) gets more than she bargained for when her blind date turns out to be Ishboo (Kenan).

      Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg

      Driving Coach Kreeton: Lori Beth is taking driver's ed and her instructor is none other than Coach Kreeton (Kel). It's Coach vs. Student as Lori Beth upsets and wounds Kreeton in ways he can't understand.

      Action League Now: They're plastic, they're spastic, they're utterly fantastic. They're Action League Now! Today's episode "I've Been Working On De-Rail Road." The Action League team investigates a rash of railroad wrecks.

      Where's My Eraser: When Miss Fingerly (Lori Beth) turns her back to search for her missing eraser, students take the opportunity to steal every item in the oom.

      Kreeton's Window Runner: Kreeton shouts out his window at some noisy nearby birds, until one dives through the window and pecks his face!

      Blackstreet Intro.: Ishboo sneaks his way past a security guard in order to sit in the audience for Blackstreet.

      Blackstreet Performs "Love's In Need"moreless
    • Zhané
      Episode 12
      A teen magazine called Teenerific interview Kenan & Josh. • When Earboy Met Sally: Earboy likes Sally who cant stand him, so Ross Perot gives him a diamond watch to give her and she goes on a date with him. Meanwhile, Four Eyes likes Earboy. • Vital Information • The Raffle: Kel and Alisa give out raffle prizes to un-wanting audience members. Such as, a free bath, and painful karate lessons. • The Spelling Bee (Ricki Maraschino (Josh) vs. Othello Creed (Kenan)) • Lemonade Scammer intro Musical Guest: Zhane - "Shame"moreless
    • Usher
      Episode 13

      Limbo Contest
      Mavis & Clavis: Scareplane
      Vital Information
      Miss Fingerly vs. Mr. Hi-Tech
      Roseanne Aerobics
      Lost & Found
      Mavis & Clavis Introduction
      Musical Guest
      : Usher ("Think of You")
      Mavis & Clavis & Usher

    • A Few Good Men
      A Few Good Men
      Episode 14
      Audience Q & A Good Burgalar VS Superdude Vital Information With Lori Beth Denberg Miss Fingerly VS The Class Clown Cereal Critics Allen & Alan Pierre Escargot Musical Guest: A Few Good Men ("Young Girl")
    • Aftermath
      Episode 15
      Cast Party in the Green Room Surprise Marty Urkel's Holiday Hits Vital Information Coach Kreeton Teaches Volleyball Miss Fingerly: Do You Do That at Home? Action League NOW!: "Stinky on Ice" Musical Guest: Aftermath ("Chillin'")
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