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    hi folks i decided to make a fanfic calledAll That Season 12 with me as a castmember here is the castlist

    Season 12 (2006-2007)

    Steven Sedlak
    Chelsea Brummet
    Ryan Coleman
    Jack DeSena
    Lisa Foiles
    Christina Kirkman
    Kyle Sullivan
    Kianna Underwood
    Denzel Whitaker

    but i need help writing the episodes so i will write the first one

    Season 12 episode 1

    * Green Room:Chelsea,Ryan,Jack,Lisa,Christina,Kyle,Kianna,and Denzel are waiting for their new castmember Steven to show up for his first day as a castmember but they have him do crazy stunts to get in they have him eat a whole watermelon,give a viking a shower,and giving Kyle a wedgie

    * Sugar and Coffee:Buzz and Kaffy visit the supermarket to bother customers

    * Sketch #1: a flamboyant greeting card store clerk (Ryan Coleman)who tears up at every greeting card he reads for his customerTheyCall him "Ross, greeting card salesperson".

    * Steven Sedlak with Vital Information for your Everyday Life

    * Sketch #2:New employee Randi (Chelsea) gets very shy and nervous around her co-workers.

    * Know Your Stars:Steven Sedlak

    Ross the Flamboyant greeting care store clerk introduces Justin Timberlake (What Goes Around

    and that's the first episode the next episode guest stars Victoria Justice as the musicial guest

    what do you guys think of it?

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