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  • Great show.

    Back when Nick had good live-action shows. Its spinoffs, Kenan and Kel and The Amanda Show, are great too. I MISS THE OLD NICK SO MUCH!!!!

    The new series sucks, but the old one was so awesome, so I give it a 10.
  • This show is it's title.

    This is a sketch comedy. And a damn good one at that. It also had a lot of great partner shows like Kenan and Kel and The Amanda Show.
  • A bit hard to follow yt it can be watchable

    The show is pretty good to view but it can get a bit over the top at times and also confusing for a few moments when you watch it the first time. Still, one of Nicks great 90`s shows.
  • Top Shows - My Favorite Kid Sketch Show - Original over new one

    Most ep (96-13)
  • Funny when you're a kid, kind of lame when you get older.

    I remember I used to think this show was downright hilarious. Watching it now I think it's OK. There are some decent sketches, but a lot of them make me roll my eyes. And that's fine. It's just because I'm older. This show's meant for kids, and kids find it funny, so I don't really see a problem. It's all about target-audience.

    By the way, this only counts for the first few seasons. Once the new cast came in, it blatantly sucked. No exceptions.
  • Simple

    There are also times when the show is poor.
  • Only the first couple seasons are good.

    Not bad.
  • Best show on nick

    I have to say this show is the only great nick show around.
  • Its okay

    All that is is a show about kids doing comedy sketches and having guest stars performe.This show is okay.Its not amazing its okay.While there are times were the show is really fun.There are also times when the show is mediocre.Even in the golden era i find myself looking at the screen like wtf is this.The show fails at times with is over and bad acting,weird sketchets,dumb characters,and terrible effects.The show can be funny but sometimes they just try SO hard to make us laugh but fail at it.But there are times when i have laughed at this show and enjoyed it but the show can sometimes be annoying and just dumb to try to appeal to kids.Its an okay show but not amazing.I'll give this show a 7.
  • Greatness!

    A great laugh!
  • All That ( Nickelodeon 1994-2005 )

    Perfect show love it, wish nickelodeon, Tollin/Robbins Productions, and Dan Schneider would make a revival still called All That with brand new episodes example brand new 2012 episodes.

    All That is the funniest show I've ever seen right in front of Kenan & Kel. I love every All That cast member of all time. Perfect mix of best comedy ever and awesome music. From 1 to 10 I give Nickelodeon's hit show All That a 10!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A Great Sketch comedy!


    Another wonderful show from the mind of Dan Schnieder! Both seasons 1-6 to seasons 7-10. Good Burger to Sugar And Cofee, Vital Information to Know Your Stars, Ask Ashley to Bridget's Slumber Party. Amanda Bynes, Kenan Thompson, and Kel Mitchell were breakout stars. Great show!

    Fresh Out The Box!

    Stop! Look and Watch

    Ready Yet,

    Get Set

    It's All That

  • Great show.


    I actually really enjoyed All That when it was on. I probably won't watch it now, if it aired again, but at that time, All That was a pretty decent show.

    The cast was great. Each episode was funny, although the episodes did go downhill when new cast was added.

    All That was, however, a good show for it's time.

  • One of the great shows back in the great 1990's of Nick TV.

    I didn't watch too many episodes of this show. Although I was born in 1996, would of been old enough to remember watching a few good years of All That, I still can hardly name any of the cast members. However, in the rare times I do get the opportunity to watch All That, a number which will increase thanks to Teenick bringing back old '90s Nick shows, it was refreshingly good. The jokes and humor weren't the most clever and thought-out, but the randomness of all of the skits were funny nonetheless. If only Teenick had thought of bringing back this show and others sooner!
  • This was definetely one of the best shows ever made by Nicekelodeon.

    This was one of my favorite TV shows back when I was in 4th grade. The first-fifth seasons of this show are the best. The sixth-ninth seasons really in my mind is what made this show fall apart. My favories sections were: Good Burger, Ask Ashley, the Library one, and Repair Man, Man, Man, Man, Man, Man, Man, Man. Those sections in my mind are absolutely the funniest ones. Now, today most of these people are in movies, or TV shows. I kind of wish that Nickelodeon would make a classics channel to put this show, along with other classics like: Legends of the Hidden Temple, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Double Dare, Salute Your Shorts, and Kablam!. I will never forget this show for as long as I live.
  • So much hilarious stuff to laugh about.

    Only got to know about this in 2005, that's also when the show is about to end, but this is one of the best classics I've watched. I remembered 'Ask Ashley', 'Repair Man', 'Good Burger', those were really great. I see lots of speculations about the second cast, watched the episodes, and I thought, they were right. I did laugh at some of the acts, but not as much as previous seasons. How I wished the original ones come together again and bring back the show where it used to be.

    Still, I'm grateful to the producers and the casts that could make this show epic. Nickelodeon couldn't have done better comedy shows like this, I reckon.
  • classic...

    all that was one of the funniest comedys from the 90's. Unfortunately, when they decided to change the entire original cast, things started going downhill. i despise the new cast. they tried to remake 'good burger' with the new cast!!!! that skit is a classic! they cant do that!!! the new cast sucks. i'm sota glad it was cancelled cuz if it kept going & kept switching cast members, then it would go even further downhill. but, i would really like to see nick air reruns once in a while. my fav skit was 'cooking with randy.' i also love 'ask ashley.'
  • The best show in the world!!!!!

    All That 1994-2005, I'm sad it ended but it was long ago. My favorite cast member was Amanda Bynes she was just hilarious and was in the entire Golden Age. I think 1-6 were the best season 7-10 weren't just like the ones in the Golden Age. My Top 5 favorite people were Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Dennberg, Kenan Thompson, Josh Server, Giovonnie Samuels and Kel Mitchell they were all funny. But, my favorite sketch is Vital Information they would come up these really weird stuff and put them in hilarious sentences. I wish All That was still it would remind me of the Golden Age. Even though, All That jumped the shark. It will always be one of my ultimate favorite shows.
  • Greatest Show Ever

    All That Was A Classic and A kids Version of saturday Night Live.I loved that Show and it needs to come back.I still Crack up at the old Show on the N.So does my Brother and Sister.My mom loves it too!Nobody thought of these type of Humor for kids before.Great Actors,Great Charcters,GReat Show.It Started other shows too like The Amanda Show,and Kenan and Kal.This Show Should Make A comeback!But What Stinks is the Last Season:Who The Heck are these People?
    Not As funny as the first.This Show is Great And Shoule Be Rembered forever,no,for The rest of your life and untill the end of The World!
  • The first cast made this Nickelodeon's best show ever made, but the second cast makes me wanna destroy things!

    When I was younger, Nickelodeon was my channel, and the sketch comedy of this show is what amused me. The tandem of Kenan and Kel, the vital information with Danny, and all those Good Burger sketches were among my favorites. This cast spawned many famous people to go on and do other things in the world of comedy. It's a shame Kel didn't go with Kenan to SNL, but that's ok. Then the second cast arrived and they just focused on being as gross and immature as possible. They even got Britney Spears's identical little sister Jamie, who only got a job because of her sister's fame. The show went out on a bad note, though I think they should've had the old cast come in and raise hell on those new cast members and then see if they improved. Oh well. Nickelodeon is trying too hard to appeal to the same audience that goes for Disney Channel. I always hated Disney Channel and that was why I always watched Nick, but now Nick is trying to be Disney. Luckily I've grown past these channels.
  • This is the show that started every great nick program today.

    This is the show that started every great nick program today. I'm not kidding. Every single good live action television program on Nick today can be traced back to "All That".

    Without "All That" there wouldn't have been an Amanda Show, a Drake and Josh (which was one of the best comedies for teens ever), and iCarly. I also think that the producer for "All That" worked on Ned's Declassified School Survival guide, which was completely hilarious.

    We are lucky that All that came to be. It ushered in a new era of comedy to television at a time where the world was run by horrible Disney channel shows.
  • This show is SO hilariously awesome!

    All That is a show where they have young talent comedians do skits in front of a camera to entertain you. Then they'd have a musical guess star to end the show, different every episode! All That has brought many talented people into the spotlight. Amanda Bynes, Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Jaimie Lynn Spears, and MANY more! Keenan and Kel even got their own show called 'Keenan and Kel'. Amanda got hers; 'The Amanda Show'. And now Jaimie has her own called 'Zoey 101'! my favorite skit has to be "Ask Ashley" with Amanda Bynes. Like I said this show is hilarious! I wish it were still on...
  • Well the classic seasons where great.

    Sure you can look back and see that all that was a really neat show and all, but really you have to take in for account the classic cast. The people that where in seasons 1-5ish. Those people where the ones that made the show what it was. A really solid and epic show. Sort of like a Mad TV or a SNL for kids, but it relied on good writing and not cheap fat jokes and other crap. Anyway what can be said about this show has been said, and what is done is done. But this show was great none the less back in the Golden Age of Nick.
  • Old All That is to good as New All That is to totally IDIOTITIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me tell you something if it wasn't for old All That then this show would get a sinking rating and man, am i lucky that i have a special channel on Comcast that lets me watch old all that episodes cause the new one is just plain retarded.Ask Ashely is my favorite skit and i laughed my head off when she gets sweet than anger by her clueless callers.But it all changed for Amanda when she had her own show the Amanda show whick suk and got canciled quicker than you can say one tenth of the word "What".Oh wait I'm getting off track.New All that sux with actor who are more like un-actor cause they can't act and skits that make you say "OMG!! That's so stinkin' Dumb.Well i'm one of the lucky kids who get to watch the Old ones.That just proves that TV was entaining back in the '90s instead of Krap like we have today.
  • It's a SNL for kids!

    I miss the original one, when it first came out, that was the best one! I really stopped watching when I "grew up" but I've seen the newest episodes and they don't compare. I love Good Burger and Repair Man, they were great. I miss it and I'm glad they're showing re-runs on The N. I just miss all those guys. My sister and I used to pretend we were certain charaters and actors from the show. My sister Amanda, was of course Amanda Bynes. I was Loribeth Morgan and I know I had to have butchered the spelling of both the names. That show was just the perfect escape for kids everywhere.
  • Instant Classic

    Any kid with good taste in the mid 90's would instantly become addicted to, or at least consider the watching of, All That! This sketch comedy show aired on Nickelodeon in 1994, and became an instant hit. Starring Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Katrina Johnson, Lori Beth Denburg, Josh Server, Alisa Reyes, and Angelique Bates originally, the show included recurring sketches such as Repair Man, a crazy 'Repair Man' who would always show up to break everything when it was already broken, Superdude, the teenage superhero with powers that make woman sweat, among other things.

    Although generally getting 'less funny' (rather than 'worse') over a few seasons, the first 6 were still considered Golden.

    With Season 7, an entirely new cast, crew, and format became the new All That. These seasons captured many younger fans, but the fans of the previous 6 instantly felt these seasons were of much less quality in comedy.

    Long story short, Seasons 3-5 reruns air on Digital Cable Channel 'The N', and I definantly suggest you check those out. ;)

    ~Fresh Out The Box
  • All That was the best show ever on television!

    All That was the best show ever on television! I mean ever!! Espically seasons 1-6 & 10 those were probably the best seasons ever made!! I think that All That's new seasons were not as bad as everyone says the seasons were. I mean don't get me wrong, Seasons 1-6 were the best seasons ever. My favorite seasons were seasons 3 & 4. My favorite sketch was Detective Dan and my favorite one-timer sketch was Jack Campbell:Fat Cop, I'd love to see more seasons of All That, The-N should at least show Seasons 2 & 6. I have season 1, you can get it from Mininova.
  • This show is full of sketch comedies and musical performances targeted towards a young audience that was at its best from 1994-1999 and went downhill from there.

    Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg, Danny Tamberelli, Josh Server, Katrina Johnson, Angelique Bates, and Alisa Reyes were the original cast of All That who pulled off an amazing job with various characters and hilarious regular characters that become classic favorites over time. This show was great the first 5 seasons and then went downhill after that, since the original cast and the great replacements had all left. I will never forget the Repair Man-Man-man-man, Pierre Escargot, Good Burger skits, news reports, Vital Information, Ask Ashley, etc... who really kept so many young people coming back for more. The first few seasons should rerun on The N or something, come out on DVD, it needs to come out somehow!
  • All That was a CSketch COmedy Show THat ran from 1994-2005(with the exception of the cancelled season of 2000-2001. Show included reoccuring sketches, musical guests, and lovable cast of kids and teens.

    I Still love this show. THis show reminds me of the early years of my childhood and also of the mid to late 90's. I love this show for its humor and originality. It was like the modern day In Living Color and Saturday Night Live but for kids. I Really loved the Ashley sjit and one of my first celberity crushes, Amanda Bynes. I wish this show could come back but i don't think today's comedy would fit this Show. I am glad that it is on Nick at Nite so i can watch it agian. THis how was also how i learned about the popular musical artists of the time so i really love this show.
  • all that is a comedy sketch show running from the mid 90s to the 2005...the good parts from season 1-6

    ok just so were perfectly clear..u really dont want my review of the whole show as in all the seasons b/c i am very critical of seasons if i included those seasons the score would not be as high as it is..therefore i am only doing this review on seasons 1-6...i absolutely loved these seasons..all the skits were hilarious..i remember when i was watching it always being disappointed when the show was over and w/ the fact that its only thirty minutes but they fit some great skits into that wonderful thirty minutes..i loved all the skits from seasons 1 and 2 and when they added new cast members it got even better b/c they all worked so perfectly together..but when like they got a completely new cast it just went downhill but i dont talk about that
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