All the Small Things

Tuesday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 31, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Kyle wants to move on with his relationship with Grace and the two of them disappear altogether, so rehearsals for the finals of the North West Choral competition are delayed. Michael and Esther remember what they miss about their life together thanks to this crisis. However, Layla will not allow Michael to go without fighting for him. On the day of the competition, feelings escalate and Esther faces a terrible choice.moreless
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Edgar, Binsey's brother, dies and this comes as a shock to all his friends. However, there is an even bigger bombshell coming up. Esther and Jake find themselves thrown together again when Binsey asks for their help in achieving Edgar's rather unusual final request. Jake decides to be honest with Esther, both about his past and his feelings for her.moreless
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Olive and Jimmy come closer thanks to the shared plot of surreptitiously entering Esther's choir into a competition. Esther's singing in the competition makes Jake hint he has feelings for her, but she believes Layla is trying to ruin her budding liaison. Georgia is unhappy when she overhears her father and his girlfriend talking about having a new baby.moreless
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Sofija and Nemanja decide to get married and everyone is excited. However, things become bitter when they disagree with Gilbert and Ethel. Sofija is keen to do what they can to make up but Nemanja won't allow himself to be bullied. Esther and Jake work on the new church community space and Kyle gets to know Grace better.moreless
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Michael enters the choir in a prominent competition. Layla tries to make Michael be merciless in success, even if it means getting rid of some people including the church caretaker Shrek. Esther encourages Shrek in an remarkable appeal to Michael which just makes things worse.
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Michael runs an amateur choir with his wife Esther singing lead soprano. However, when Layla arrives who is beautiful and talented their lives fall into confusion. Expelled from her marriage and her choir, the last thing Esther expects is to find herself leading a rival offering in the local music festival. However, the needs of her troubled but gifted son give her bravery and resolve that she never knew she had.moreless