All Together Now

Season 3 Episode 19

At The Hop

Aired Unknown Jun 08, 1993 on The Nine Network

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  • Bobby and Beth get psyched up about the upcoming high school dance but the twins are unimpressed.

    The big high school dance is coming up and Bobby and Beth are delighted that they will be heavily involved as they are going to be in charge of providing the music and the food. THEY think this is marvellous but the dance committee, consisting of Anna, Thomas and Jodie do NOT agree with them, in fact, they think it's a terrible idea and make their feelings known in no uncertain terms.

    Not a bad episode and certainly made much, much better by yet another guest appearance by the extremely talented Radha Mitchell as Jodie. She is very funny and great with the 'innocent look' as well as one liners. This one is watchable.