All Together Now

Season 1 Episode 3

Born To Be Wild

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1991 on The Nine Network

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  • Bobby is learning the hard way about being a father when he finds that Anna has a boyfriend.

    Being new to parenthood never seems to get easier for poor Bobby and when he learns that his fifteen-year-old daughter, Anna has a boyfriend and that the boyfriend is heavily into rock music AND that he has spent a night in Anna's room, he has all sorts of typical and normal parental responses. Anna herself is spreading her own wings and finding her way but it seems that she is more sensible and mature than her father. (This is a recurring theme right up until the very last episode.) Having said that, Bobby's efforts and his genuine care and concern are endearing and this episode is no exception.

    Perhaps not the best episode of this excellent series but there is a long way to go yet!