All Together Now

Season 1 Episode 1

Daddy Cool

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1991 on The Nine Network

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  • A fantastic start to this hilarious Australian series when former Aussie rock star Bobby Rivers discovers that he is the father of a set of fifteen-year-old twins.

    Bobby Rivers is exactly how an old rocker who is past his prime should be; immersed in the world of the era when he was at his artistic 'peak' ... not that Bobby really had a peak as he hasn't had a hit since 1972 which is QUITE a while ago! Imagine his surprise then when he learns that his old flame, Beth Sumner, gave birth to his twins, Anna and Thomas, fifteen and a half years ago and he knew nothing about it!

    When Thomas and Anna, along with Tracy Lawson, the friend of their mother's who has raised them while Beth has been off living the life of a free-spirited gypsy, come into his life Bobby doesn't know how to feel, behave or move forward but he will soon learn and we can all have a heap of fun watching the entire household learn to live together.

    Terric episode. Great Aussie comedy. Catch it if you can!