All Together Now

Season 1 Episode 4

I Hate The Music

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 1991 on The Nine Network

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  • Choices, choices, choices for Bobby as he has to make a big decision which will affect everyone.

    Bobby is very new to this whole 'fatherhood and family' thing so it isn't at all surprising that he has some difficulty when making decisions which directly bring his dual roles of parent and wanna be rock star into conflict with each other.

    Music has been in his life almost since he can remember but Anna and Thomas, his twins, have only been around for a short time, so what choice will he make when there is a decision between furthering his career and staying at home to be a dad?

    I liked the character development in this episode and I like that Bobby actually had to make some 'adult' decisions for once - it's fairly obvious that he hasn't often had to do that. A pretty good episode and the series itself is growing and progressing nicely.
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