All Together Now

Season 2 Episode 23

Let's Spend The Night Together

Aired Unknown Aug 11, 1992 on The Nine Network

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  • It looks like Anna is growing up - perhaps a little too fast ...

    Anna, as we have seen, has always been far more mature and sensible than he twin brother, Thomas. He, of course, would completely disagree with that as he considers that he is streets ahead of her in all things 'wordly'. So, when Anna gives serious consideration to spending the night with her boyfriend, she has to weigh up all the options and try and make an informed decision, but is she really old enough or mature enough to be taking that kind of step?

    Good to see the producers tackling this important issue because I think that most teens are faced with this situation and it's responsible television to see that, in the midst of comedy, some vital things are highlighted as part of the show.

    Good work by all concerned.