All Together Now

Season 3 Episode 29

Old School Yard

Aired Unknown Aug 24, 1993 on The Nine Network

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  • Lots of school related stuff in this episode and we hear about the Bigelows again too.

    Emma Bigelow's family own Bigelow Constructions and they want the old school hall. The problem is, this concept greatly displeases the students so a compromise is reached, they will be given a nearby grassland area instead. Naturally, conservation-minded Anna will not take this lying down and proceeds to protest, which results in her being suspended from school.

    Bobby has school on his mind too because there is a reunion coming up and he isn't all that certain he wants to attend as he was very 'different' from his classmates and never felt that he fitted in. In the end, he has to decide what to do about this and about Anna being suspended and we already know that Bobby isn't good at making decisions ...