All Together Now

The Nine Network (ended 1993)


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  • Does anyone know where I can purchase these dvd's?

    I loved this show, I am a huge fan of Jon English and I have searched for these for such a long time,
  • Faded Aussie rock star Bobby Rivers has not had a hit since the early 1970s but he soon hits the headlines when he discovers that he is the father of twins from a long ago relationahip.

    Most definitely one of the very funniest Australian comedy series ever. It only had a relatively short run but every one was a winner!

    Bobby Rivers (played by Australian singing sensation of the 70s and 80s, Jon English) is a washed up rock star who is lucky if he can get a singing gig in a local pub. His 'glory days' of the 1970s are far, far behind him but he still wears the same style of clothes, drives an old kombi van and dresses in a very hippy-esque fashion. When Bobby, who is not the brightest bulb in the box, discovers that his old girlfriend, Beth Sumner, gave birth to twins Thomas and Anna (Steven Jacobs and Jane Hall) and that Beth has recently died in a plane crash, Bobby takes on the role of a father, assisted by his best friend Dougie (Gary Who) and Beth's old friend, Tracy Lawson (the brilliant Rebecca Gibney) who has practically raised the children herself as Beth was very much a free spirit and not around much.

    The results are hilarious in every way. Each thirty minute episode is named after a song title and we watch with a combination of amusement and ocassional sadness and Bobby and his fifteen-year-old twins attempt to get to know each other and form a family bond. This is easier said than done and the results will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Throw Bobby's conman manager, Wayne Lovett (Bruno Lucia) into the mix and you have an excellent show which you will take to your heart from the very first episode.

    Brilliant, heartwarming and very, very funny!