All Worked Up

Monday 11:00 PM on truTV Premiered Oct 19, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Wouldn't want to be in their shoes...

    If you think that Fox Network's COPS is the only Reality TV series dealing with a difficult job & difficult people, the you have yet to see this show called All Worked Up.

    This show follows several people who are "just doing their job" such as repo man, process server, tow truck driver, parking enforcement officer & others.

    Sometimes the situations these people get into can be humorous, but they also encounter danger of varying levels on the job.

    Despite what people say about them, they're just ordinary working people who just happen to be in occupations that no ordinary person would even dream of being in.

    And we can see their misfortunes in the relative safety of our TV screens on TruTV Channel.