All Worked Up

Monday 11:00 PM on truTV Premiered Oct 19, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • All worked up should have never been canceled.

    I admire see dramatic conflict of workers in everyday struggles with their troublesome client. I enjoyed watching (Meter maid) Jackie Pucci, (code enforcer) Shawn Abron, and some Investigator that was on the show. But the only reason I watch this is because of (process server) Byran McElderry in NYC. serving up paper and the way he talk with that henchman voice or something. I don't get why People get so tight about getting served the paper. I would be upset if I got sued but not enough to go and kill or assault the man. I can see why this show is faked: So what, I don't cared if it faked/Staged. I want this show back on the air.

    To TruTV: Please Bring this show back on the air.