Allegra's Window

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)


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  • Season 1
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    • Time Out
      Episode 18
      Playing at the breakfast table, Allegra and Rondo disobey their mother and break a family rule about not standing on chairs. This earns them both a time out. Upstairs, thinking about what he did wrong, Rondo leads Allegra in a protest against rules. But when he catches Allegra climbing on top of her dresser, Rondo realizes that some of mom and dad's rules aren't as dumb as he thought.moreless
    • 11/29/94
      Awakening late, seeing a cloudy sky, and then knocking a drum over at Reed's workshop, Allegra is having a bad day. At Daycare, the day gets worse: she discovers she's forgotten her lunch! But the day turns into a fun one when a sudden shower brings a much needed watering to Ellington's garden. Sometimes, the worst days can turn out the best!moreless
    • Bandages R Us!
      Episode 13
      Lindi hurts her paw, and Allegra not wanting for friend to feel alone while she recuperates, is determined to wear a bandage as well. This pleases Lindi but totally confuses Riff, who can't understand why Allegra wears a bandage when she isn't hurt. Allegra keeps to her decision to wear her bandage, even getting the entire Daycare class to make one-handed finger painted get-well cards for Lindi.moreless
    • 12/1/94
      Reed is going on a trip, and Allegra worries when and if he will return? Reed tries to case the separation by teaching all the children a song to sing when they feel lonely. Even so, Riff becomes convinced Reed will never come back. He and the rest are comforted when various surprises Reed has planned in his absence are revealed.moreless
    • 12/9/94
      Allegra enjoys discovering new things at Daycare, until she's asked to sample a new food--fresh blue zootabagas! She stubbornly resists--any new food she hasn't tried has to be yucky! When she finally agrees to take a bite...she learns that you can't always tell a zootabaga by its cover.
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      Grandma visits for the holidays.
    • Play it Again, Allegra
      Allegra is very excited because she is going to have her first piano lesson with Reed. She wants to learn everything right away. Allegra realizes that becoming good at something is not always easy, it takes a lot of hard work, but she's ready.
    • My Own Monster
      Episode 3
      Allegra and Lindi are frightened when Rondo and Riff pretend that scary monsters lurk inside the boys' new fort. At Daycare, the girls learn monsters are not only imaginary--but can also be fun! And a good laugh is had when the girls learn that the boys can be scared of monsters, too.moreless
    • Small is Beautiful
      Allegra is told by everyone that she's too little to play with her brother's toys, or assist Mr. Cook in the diner. She finds a way to solve a big dilemma for everyone.
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      Allegra is told by everyone that she is too small to play with her brother's toys, or assist Mr. Cook in the diner. She finds a way to solve a big dilemma for everyone.
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