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Allen Gregory, a famous seven-year-old kid, must attend elementary school with regular kids.


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    • Decent comedy

    • Not hateable, just boring :/

      Just to set the record straight, the cartoons are not the problem; the writing is. Animation is a medium, not a genre; just because it's a cartoon that does not devoid it of criticism (I learned that the hard way after having to sit through We Bare Bears and Pig Goat Banana Cricket). With that said, let's look at an animated series everyone "got angry about" when it first came on: Allen Gregory. For those who don't know, Allen Gregory was a short lived animated series about a boy who goes to school; this boy has homosexual parents, a sister with a fat head (giving Hey Arnold the middle finger no less) and his only friend is and awkward kid named Patrick. This show was dubbed the worst animated show of all time and it's not hard to see why. The characters are all unlikable, the animation is bland and lifeless and the jokes are nothing short of awful. While I happily agree that this is a bad show, while I was watching the episode, I was more bored than angry at what I was watching. I wasn't hoping to laugh, but I was expecting something to make me want to scream at the top of my lungs at this abomination of animation; but alas, I got nothing. Yes, the main character, Allen Gregory is not only a prick, but a very perverted child, but at the same time his has no given personality and the way Jonah Hill voices the character is so bland and uninspired I just didn't care. I'd say my least favorite character is his Dad (the bald one) because let's face it, he's a homosexual stereotype; I typical keep my distance for the LGBT subject for personal reasons, but not even I can deny how offensive this character is. There's also this running gag with Allen Gregory having a crush on his 80 something year old principle which isn't funny, but all kinds of disturbing. The last thing I want to address is the animation; and I thought Mars Need Moms had stiff looking animation. I kid you not, sometimes the background characters don't even move; not only that but the character designs just look awful. Allen Gregory looks nothing like a child (in fact he doesn't even sound like a child), his sister Janet has an abnormally large head and the rest of the characters look like awkwardly drawn people. This is bad on all accounts, but it doesn't offer anything for me to be furious at; Allen Gregory's Dad may be a homosexual stereotype, but he comes off as a minor annoyance to me because I'm straight (but trust me, if I was gay, I'd erupt like a fucking volcano). In short, Allen Gregory is a find example of how not to make an animated series; especially if it's aimed at adults. It's bland, poorly animated, horribly written and for a show that's supposed to be a comedy, it's anything but funny. I didn't even crack a smile once while I was watching this; but that's just me, I'm sure it was hilarious for Jonah Hill himselfmoreless
    • Better than Ret@rded CatDog

      The title says it all.
    • Funny as hell

      I loved the show, i loved the ironi of it. I wish it never ended;(
    • The absolute worst animated show I have ever seen in my life

      There are no words to describe how diabolically awful this show is. I mean, this actually makes Mega Babies look better in comparison. At least Mega Babies didn't subject us to a psychotic character who wants to make a sex tape of his 80 year old principal!

      I literally wanted to throw up at such a notion. What the heck were you people thinking? You're nothing more than mentally sick bastards!

      Do us all a favor. Either formally apologize for this despicable travesty you made or go take a long walk off a short pier, and I mean, A LONG WALK.moreless

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