Allen Gregory

Season 1 Episode 3

Gay School Dance

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 13, 2011 on FOX
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Gay School Dance

Allen Gregory tries to find out why Joel Zadak asked Patrick to the dance, instead of him.

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  • 'love it so sorry all off you did get the humor thought this was perfect

    completely true to life for about 10 percent of the world ... ok more like 90 those who have kids and a family who are just too wrapped upp in their own little world to see how funny things are .... and completely.. true for some and im sad that it got cancelled poor little allen gregory..
  • This show is turning the tide. Once you get past theinitialjarring nature of the 1st episode, the true genius andhilaritystarts to shine through. This is a really underrated show and needs a second look.moreless

    The pilot was, disturbing to say the least: a seven year old boy getting hot for an old bag? Not something I'd expect to see outside of small Chi-porn circles, but push the initial shock and disdain aside and embrace the show's genius, you might learn to like it.

    As an animator I still have a sore spot for Flash/Vector based animation, but I will admit the style is growing on me. The characters are starting to flesh out and the plot is evolving above the immature absurdity of the pilot and becoming a show worth watching - a hell of alot better than what The Simpsons are putting out nowadays. - When I said in my review for the pilot, "The show has potential" it definatley does and it's using it. The writing is funny, a kind of intelligent funny that is rarely seen outside of cable television.

    As for the plot? Charming.Richard De Longpre (The guy you love to hate) has his ego up his hide again and forces the school to host a "gay dance" after Allen mistakes a bully for a friend in his quest to be "cool".

    Long story short, there's enough here to make a great show, if they keep it up at this pace, it could join the leagues of South Park.moreless
  • Shows like South Park, and Family Guy know how to offend with style; this show just offends

    I am not homophobic, a religious zealot, nor am I easily offended by off-color humor but this one takes the cake. South Park has managed to offend every group on the planet and they do it with high class, quick witted humor delivered by a bunch of children. This one delivers insipid, sophomoric, crude humor that would probably have gay rights groups and evangelicals on the same side - though totally different reasons - calling for an end to this show.

    Homosexual themes and humor abound in the ether that is TV but even at its worst and most stereotypical it doesn't get worse than this episode. The 2 main characters, Allen and his dad are so unlikable it isn't funny (Literally! They AREN'T funny). The constant bullying of the partner and the daughter are pathetic beyond words. And while the Gay School Dance could have been funny it fell totally flat. Allen's speech was completely off base, forgettable and loaded with so much ...

    Ok, I have to stop writing because I can't keep up this dance without having the urge to release a 4-letter, "7 words you can't say on TV" tirade.

    The dance wasn't funny, the theme didn't work, the conflicts are...

    It's just bad.moreless
  • Disgusting

    I didn't think this episode could be any worse than the first two. Boy was I wrong. This episode was disgusting, terrible, awful, and horrible all rolled into one. Please cancel this awful show at once. The writers of this show should have to give all the money they made back.
  • Sorry, it's not getting better.

    I just can't seem to even like or tolerate this show. It's not entertaining or funny at all and sometimes just creepy.

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