Allen Gregory

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Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Oct 30, 2011 on FOX
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A rich, smart, seven year old has a hard time fitting in at his new elementary school.

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  • Meh, could have been WAY better.

    The episode begins with a jazzy theme song. It was okay, could have been better. Continuing on, Allen Gregory's homosexual father, Richard and his life partner, Jeremy, are celebrating a party to announce that Allen Gregory won a Tony award. Later on, they tell him they actually threw the party to see how he'd react better when they tell him that Jeremy can't homeschool him anymore, and must attend public school. Allen Gregory is very angry at this decision, and is not sure how it will go for him.

    The next day, he visits the school. Not being shy, he introduces himself to the extent of annoying everyone, and being rather disrespectful to his teacher. Allen Gregory meets Principle Gottlieb, a 68-year-old, fat, hairy woman, and yet he fantasizes about her. While snapping to her, she sends him out, making him defecate his pants and cries out of the school.

    Allen Gregory decides he is no longer attending the school because of what happened, then Jeremy convinces him to go back after telling his own life story of being formally straight. Allen Gregory announces to his new best friend, Patrick, that he is going back to school... at midnight. He goes back to the school, and finally feels into it.

    For the first episode, I actually liked it. It wasn't as bad as people say it is. I'm gonna get a bunch of thumbs down, but believe me, in about five months, you're gonna agree. I have a feeling this show may actually run for an entire season, but not go far, considering how FOX is usually bad with the good shows. Allen Gregory is a funny, snappy, quick show, and is a nice breath of fresh air from the Seth MacFarlane shows. I say, give the show a chance, I'm giving it five episodes. If I'm bored by the fifth episode, then I'll simply just stop watching it.moreless
  • I don't get it

    How exactly does this show target the fox sunday lineup demographic of people who have been watching since they were just playing the Simpsons, PJs, and Malcom in the Middle? I assume the current demographic is 7-25 year olds, primarily male and who enjoy shows like (guess) the shows we've been accustomed to from this timeslot for the past decade. Are we supposed to like this? Are people who watch the simpsons, family guy, and american dad supposed to be aware of references to tony awards and humor that's better suited for a TLC or Bravo show?

    I'm all for new shows but I just don't get this show at all. I don't understand why it was made, what it's point is, how it's supposed to capture the demographic of the timeslot that it was placed in, or why it's on fox. I had to turn it off before the commercial break.

    The worst part of the show is that it looks like it was styled from a 1990s flash animation.

  • When I first found out it was almost going to cut out "The Simpsons" I immediately hated this show!!!

    C'mon Fox, is this what you got? A rich snobby 7 year old with a gay dad and a straight dad? This is a complete joke right? I hope it is because honestly, this is worse than the Cleveland Show, and The Cleveland Show is terrible... You lost your touch Fox, I swear, after The Simpsons ends, I am never getting close to that channel for the rest of my life. The Simpsons is what makes Fox so great (so does Family Guy) but seriously, all these new shows, especially this Allen Gregory crap is really ruining Fox REALLY, REALLY BADLY!

    I give this show 5 months before it gets cancelled.moreless
  • Wow! Jonah Hill created this show?

    I can't believe what I am watching. FOX is just airing more awful and awful shows every time. At least I can survive watching the animation in this show... that's only good and decent thing about this show. Bob's Burgers animation sucks big time which made me stop watching Bob's Burgers last year but it also had awful humor. With this show, it's almost but I can take the animation since it really isn't terrible and they actually have voices that match the characters. That's good at least but the whole concept of the show is really just awkward, awful, and dumb to even watch. A rich boy starting 1st grade and immediately falls in love with a 60 or 70 something principal is just so stupid and disgusting. Okay, my best friend actually likes this show and I respect his opinion but I told him what I thought of this show and he respected my opinion as well. That's why my best friend and I are truly best friends because even though we're not always gonna like the same thing... we respect each other's opinions. Still, I said to myself "Why would my best friend like this crap?" but oh well, it is his opinion. Anyways, the whole entire storyline is very bad. My score is at least a 3 because I laughed at least 4 times watching this pilot episode. The other thing that was the most disgusting about this pilot episode was Allen's fantasy of him and the principal. Allen's dad is also a complete jerk and he is so gay. I don't have a problem with gay people but the way he is portrayed as a gay character is just sick. He also treats Jeremy and the daughter bad. Allen is the only person he treats very well. I can't believe Jonah Hill would come up with something so uncomfortable, awkward, disgusting, awful, and dreadful. I like Jonah Hill but I honestly think the guy should've have created this show in the first place, it's just a bad idea from the start. The ending of this pilot episode was also stupid as well. Overall, a bad pilot episode of "Allen Gregory". 3/10moreless
Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill

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French Stewart

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