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  • Worst episode(s) ever.

    I cannot begin to say how much I loathe the Allen Gregory show. It is boring. Not even a little funny and hateful in it's tone. It is a sick pathetic attempt at comedy. Whether it be Jonah Hill or whoever is repsonsible for it; surely you can do better. In my mind this show can't be removed from the airwaves fast enough. Bob's Burgers may be somewhat silly. But it was far better than this piece of unfunny crap. At least it had some humor to it. I hope the network didn't put allot of money into developing this program. It is a magnificant waste of money and time. Please take it of the air ASAP and at least save some of your dignity.
  • To put it politely, I'd be equally as willing for a dentist to be drilling than to ever let this show in my life.


    I remember seeing TV spots for this show on Fox and thought it looked decent. I mean hey, at least it's not another Seth MacFarlane TV show. (like we need another one of those!) I missed thepremiere but I caught it on Hulu. Ooooohhhhh, Idon'tlikeit!

    I mean it! This was just horrible! Absolutely HORRIBLE!! I liked absolutely nothing about this show. I hate the characters, I hated the stories, I hated the animation. It's one of the worst shows I ever sat through. There's not one redeeming quality about this show at all. It's just an ugly, hate filled show thinking it's funny. I don't see this lasting another season. If it does, may god have mercy on us all.

    Well, I tried to keep it as short as possible. I don't even want to go into depth about this one like I do my other reviews.

  • Allen Gregory needs to find a turning point to head towards average.


    I have watched every episode of Allen Gregory since the pilot. The humor is dry, the plot is not entertaining, and it getsuncomfortable to watch at times. They need to come up with better ideas for new epsiodes that will appeal to the viewer or there won't be a season 2 or a full season1 for that matter.

  • Average Animation TV Show

    This show isn't very good I keep watching it to see if it gets better, it hasn't, it doesn't seem like a comedy. It gets uncomfortable to watch sometimes. FOX is one of my favorite TV Channels, this is the only show I don't like on the FOX network. It is a filter on FOX. Not the worst show but no where near the best so I'm giving this show a 4.5/10. Needs Improvement
  • Complete waste of time.


    This show is so awful it needs to be cancelled as soon as possible so that people can avoid wasting any more time on it.

    Allen Gregoryhas no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The animation is bland and unimpressive, the characters are frankly quite rubbish, and humor is non-existent.

    I don't recall the last time that I hated a show so throughly right from the very first episode. Allen Gregory and his father are possibly the most detestable characters on television. Whatever the show-makers were aiming for, they failed miserably because watching this show makes me want to stomp Allen beneath my boots punch and his father in the face so hard. Both of them are complete bullies and not in a funny or amusing way, but in an irritating way and the constant aggressive and condescending whispering is just stupid.

    I never liked Jonah Hill or the Appatow bunch; their movies are extremely lame, but I didn't expect this to be this bad.

    What the Hell is taking FOX so long to cancel this garbage‽

  • This show is pretty good, I wish everyone would stop judging the show by the first episode.


    Allen Gregory is a funny show the thing I didn't know was that he was raised by homosexuals, that was no problem. I think Richard is hilarious. Allen Gregory's crush on Principal Gottlieb is the thing I don't like. I think it's funny how Allen calls his teacher Gina by her first name. I don't really have that much to talk about because, who am I to judge a show by the first couple episodes? So my rating for this show is 8/10, great show.

  • OK, I'll say it.


    Before anyone else does. This Show isn't just bad.... it's SUPERBAD. C'mon, Jonah undo that lap band, grow that stubble on your face and start smoking weed again, so we can once again go to the movies and laugh at you. Yep, sorry dude, we have always laughed at you not with you.

  • Id rather watch my dog chase her tail.


    As the above states. Ill do laundry, or something else. I will not give this show a 4th chance. The animation is good. There could be a lot more going on here, but this show fails to capture that slap stick humor that animation domination excels at obtaining. Bobs burgers was a better show in my humble opinion.

  • Quit wasting my Sunday nights!


    This show is the very first show that has encouraged me to go online in attempt to get it offline. It's insanely negative and abusive, and not in a humous way. I have yet to even have a slight smirk. I love animated shows, but this one is way off mark.

  • This was seven kinds of terrible.


    As a cartoon, the animation is stiff, the jokes aren't funny, and the voice-acting is stiff and bored.

    Socially, it's an abomination. Rampant mysogony, racism, and sexual harassment are obviously trying to keep up with Family Guy. But that all pales next to a painfully stereotyped gay character who is also a sexual predator. The only remotely likeable character is constantly belittled and insulted.

  • Comes off a little....


    nasty. Just kid of gross sometime, mainly his attraction to his principal.

    The series follows Allen Gregory De Longpre (Jonah Hill), a pretentious seven-year-old being raised by his father, Richard, and his father'slife partner, Jeremy, as Allen Gregory must start attending a public elementary school due to the effect of arecessionon his family's finances.

    [edit]Cast and crew

    Announced cast includes:

    Jonah Hillas Allen Gregory De Longpre
    French Stewartas Richard De Longpre, Allen's father
    Nat Faxonas Jeremy De Longpre, Richard's life-partner
    Christina Puccellias Patrick Vanderweel, a student[3]
    Joy Osmanskias Julie De Longpre, Allen's adoptedCambodiansister
    Renée Tayloras Principal Judith Gottlieb[3]
    Leslie Mannas Gina Winthrop[

    I really like the animation and I will keep watching to see if it gets better but for no (fart noise).

  • Dumb


    Allen Gregory, a famous seven-year-old kid, must attend elementary school with regular kids. A rich, smart, seven year old has a hard time fitting in at his new elementary school.

    This show is just stupid, honestly, I don't really find anything entertaining about a seven year old kid that's rich and famous, like That_TV_Dude said "Ever since King of the Hill went out it keeps getting worse and worse."

    Stay away from Allen Gregory.

    1 out of 10

  • This show turns 'precocious' into a dirty word.


    Unless you're a big league television producer with all of your friends and associates in the industry and withlittle or no contact or empathywith anyone else in the real world, Allen Gregory has nothing to offer you. This was thirty minutes of the most annoying, pseudo-smart nonsense I've ever seen. The writers of this series must be self absorbed beyond comprehension if they think this show is going to go anywhere with a general audience. Allen Gregory was thirty minutes of sheer affront to humor supposedlyin the name of humor.

    People who've read my reviews know that I wasn't exactly a fan of Bob's Burgers, but I can't BELIEVEFOX replaced it with this!

    FOX...just what the HELL were you thinking!?!

  • Awful simply awful. You'd think the high-brow humor would be funny but once again, Ideclarethis another dead show. DOA.


    The shows previews looks mediocre enough, I hesitated on whether I was going to watch this, I did. We'll start with the positives: The shows snappy quick witted humor is a delight, it has its own flavor, its edgy,bizarre, and I respect that. However, thechattereritself lack, well character. They all seem like animated stereotypes that we've seen before: Boygenius,stereotypicalgay couple, and depressed emo girl.
    However, this is a pilot, and as a result, I'm going to endure a few more episodes, I really tink if they steer this the right way this could be asurprisehit, a clever show that the tweebs won't get. It has potential but as of late it seems stale.

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