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FOX (ended 2011)


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  • Just another blatant waste of filler for FOX


    If you are looking for a good new animated comedy show, then this isn't for you at all. Allen Gregory is an all out failure of epic proportions that gives new meaning to the word, horrendous. Allen Gregory follows the adventures and life of a rich and famous seven year old boy who is forced to go attend school and fit in with the others. Not only is the premise been done before like over nine thousand times, but the whole set up is also extremely weak as well. For one thing there's no reason as to why Allen Gregory's parents send him to school at all. Despite the fact that he is smart and has leadership, Allen is still sent to school with no real reason whatsoever. Speaking of Allen Gregory himself, he is not likable in the least bit at all. He's always lecturing or belittling others, he's arrogant, insults everyone that helps him, and isn't show a lot of emotion at all. The other characters are no better at all. Rick, Allen's dad, is not only a complete idiot and demanding, but also is negatively portrayed gay. Now I have no issues with gays, but I'm sick of seeing gays treated like nothing on an animated comedy show. Rick's parnter, Spencer, is completely spineless and a pushover. The other kids are pretty much idiotic, they even believed the superintendent who was crying and not Allen. How dumb are these kids? The daughter is really the only likable character since she seems to have the voice of reason and is the only one who seems to be the only one who isn't really stupid or really crazy. The Principal is also terrible and is almost a dead ringer of Miss Finster from Disney's Recess, she even almost sounds like her and look like her. I also find it strange that this is called a comedy show when in fact there is nothing funny at all in this show. Not a single joke, or what jokes there were are funny at all and relies on ramblings instead of actual comedy. The artwork is decent enough, but the characters, especially Allen Gregory, have strange designs to them. The animation is moderate at best, but it looks rather choppy from time to time. I swear this is the end of Animation Domination and this show proves it. Ever since King of the Hill went out it keeps getting worse and worse. Stay away from Allen Gregory, it's just another waste of air time and is best left avoided at all costs and let it get canceled.