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Allen Gregory

FOX (ended 2011)


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  • To put it politely, I'd be equally as willing for a dentist to be drilling than to ever let this show in my life.


    I remember seeing TV spots for this show on Fox and thought it looked decent. I mean hey, at least it's not another Seth MacFarlane TV show. (like we need another one of those!) I missed thepremiere but I caught it on Hulu. Ooooohhhhh, Idon'tlikeit!

    I mean it! This was just horrible! Absolutely HORRIBLE!! I liked absolutely nothing about this show. I hate the characters, I hated the stories, I hated the animation. It's one of the worst shows I ever sat through. There's not one redeeming quality about this show at all. It's just an ugly, hate filled show thinking it's funny. I don't see this lasting another season. If it does, may god have mercy on us all.

    Well, I tried to keep it as short as possible. I don't even want to go into depth about this one like I do my other reviews.

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