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  • Yeah... this ain't gonna last

    Allen Gregory is a show about a homeschooled seven-year-old kid who has to be sent to public school due to today's rough economy. However, due to his priveledged upbringing, Allen is a lot more intellegent and mature than everybody else in his class, which makes public school tough on him. Now, this idea doesn't sound too bad on paper. It's a premise that's been done to death, but if it were done right, it might have been a decent show. However, there are serious issues with this show that rank it down there with some of the worst FOX cartoons (actually, worst cartoons - period). The characters are not likable in the slightest - Allen is an annoying arrogant brat with absolutely no redeeming characteristics, Richard is an obnoxious homosexual who gives gays a bad name, Jeremy is a pushover who really needs to Richard a good kick in the behind, and Patrick... well, he's pretty much the same as Jeremy. The only real tolerable character is Allen's sister, but even then she is unlikable! As for humor, there is none. The humor is derived from the characters acting obnoxious. That can be funny if done right (eg The Simpsons, South Park) but Jonah Hill obviously has no clue how to write. All in all, don't waste your time with this. If you have not seen it and are curious about it, stop being curious and find something else to do with your time. Allen Gregory is an overall terrible show with horrible characters and non-existent humor. I doubt it's going to last even one season on FOX. With your help, boys and girls, we can all stop watching so this show can get the boot!
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