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FOX (ended 2011)


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  • Worst FOX show ever!!! (NOTE: NON CHRISTMAS REVIEW)

    I got to agree with most the comments, you all. This show is really awful. I wanted to give like plenty of chances and I think two was enough. Yep, I only two painful episode of this drek and I'm so glad that I didn't see all of them. I couldn't handle the characters in this show. They are annoying, boring, and just not so funny. I think the worst is that gay bas*** named Richard. The white bas*** guy. I just hated him so much that he's the reason why this show sucks and I gave up on it. He is rude with everyone. He got to be the worst character ever on the show. Allen Gregory De Llano is a jerk as well. He is just creepy looking and always act mean (no wonder why I know an Allen and he's super rude to me like Allen Gregory). Julie is very boring and I don't find her tolerable. I just found her a very boring. ENOUGH SAID! Jeremy is very tolerable and the only nice character on the show. I wish he beat the heck outta Rick and leaves the living heck outta him. The principal is freaking disgusting. What 100 times disgusting is that Allen had a crush on that creep. UGH!! (repeats twice) That is so gross!! I just wish he shut up about her cause she's married. Overall an awful show on FOX. I would rather watch the overrated, but not so funny New Girl than this piece of drek. 0.5/10
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