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  • I rather watch that other awful FOX show "Bob's Burgers" than this crap

    Let me just say.... THANK GOD that is show was canceled. That's right, everyone has been asking for this show to get canceled since this start and out miseries from this awful show is finally over. Allen Gregory has got to be the worst character that I have ever seen in cartoon history. He is an ugly, stuck up, and rude kid and he treats everyone like crap especially that kid Patrick and Richard's gay husband Jeremy. That only likeable characters is that daughter (I knew her name but forgot all of a sudden and don't feel like looking it up right now) and the guy (voiced by Keith David) that Allen Gregory goes to whenever he has [problems... it's the African-American guy and he is probably the only character that actually gives me a mildly good laugh. One thing I have to say is that the animation isn't terrible though... in fact, it's WAY Better than the animation in "Bob's Burgers". But animation doesn't make me ignore the fact of how awful this show became. Yes, it give me a few chuckles in almost each episode but still. Probably the only episode that doesn't honestly suck is that episode "Mom Sizemore" but that episode still had problems (not as much as the others though). I don't even see how anyone can find this show funny though... the humor is just garbage. Also, this show probably offers the most awkward, disgusting, and annoying storylines that I have ever seen in television history. Allen Gregory falling in love with a 60 something year old principal is just disgusting and he really got me annoying. So yeah, if you ever plan to watch this show... PLEASE for the love of God, don't watch this junk (a.k.a. crap). Overall, an awful FOX show to watch and good riddance to it so I'm glad that FOX made the right decision of canceling it. 0.5/10
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