Allison and Lillia

Thursday 5:00 PM on NHK Educational Premiered Apr 03, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • My Prince
      My Prince
      Episode 26
    • The Criminal Is Secretly Laughing
    • Epic Train Battle
    • Travellers By Chance
    • Revealed Treasure
    • Father and Daughter of Destiny
    • Nightmarish First Dream of the Year
    • Ikstova`s Winter
    • Reward Kiss
    • Wings of Justice
    • Charity Airship
    • Disaster!
      Episode 15
    • Lillia and Treize
    • And So the Two...
    • Lillian's Long First Day
    • Attack the Armored Vehicle Head On
      Allison, Wil, Fiona and Carr are onboard the detached Transcontinental Express, which is under attack by Sou Beil soldiers, who are targeting Terreur. After stopping the military dead in its tracks, an armoured vehicle appears on the adjacent railroad, with the intent of arresting Terreur. So Stork forces the guys to help take out the armoured vehicle, but what is the reason behind Stork's actions?moreless
    • Train Named Conspiracy
      Allison, Wil, Fiona and Carr are headed for the capital of Sou Beil, via the Transcontinental Express and Allison is trying to find an opportunity to convey her feelings to Wil. The next day Allison and Wil witness a suspicious person attack the train's conductor but the culprit manages to get away. Now they must try to discover who the culprit is.moreless
    • Bridge Spanning the Original Battlefield
      Wil has been invited by Carr Benedict to take a ride on the newly completed Transcontinental Express route across Lutoni River, with Allison and Fiona. They soon arrive at the station before Green Island, where Allison lays a flower tribute in observance of her late father.
    • Princess and Hero
      During Assemblyman Owen Nicht's speech, Fiona declares that she is Princess Francesca, who survived the fire 10 years ago. Everyone is sceptical about this sudden announcement but their views soon change when she presents evidence that she is from the Royal Family. Everyone is elated from the return of their Princess and her first act is to prosecute Owen Nicht on the grounds of assaulting the Royal Palace. However Owen doesn't go down without a fight.moreless
    • Entrusting People
      10 years ago, the members of the Ikstova Royal family were assassinated but Fiona claims to be the only surviving, Princess Francesca. So Carr, Allison and Wil decide to take her to the Ikstova Capital, Kunst to announce her existence during Assemblyman Owen Nicht's speech. On their way there, Allison gets into a spot of trouble and Fiona has something shocking to reveal to Carr.moreless
    • Fiona's Valley
      Fiona's Valley
      Episode 6
      In a remote village of Ikstova, Allison and Wil are being held captive by the villagers who are highly suspicious of the pair. They are able to escape, when they run into Benedict but the villagers are already looking for them. Benedict, Allison and Wil get some help from the girl Fiona, he met earlier, to seek refuge but in return she wants them to take her to the Capital.moreless
    • The Forbidden Forest
      It's now winter and Wil is off training at the Kingdom of Ikstova, while Allison supposedly is flying around the world on her missions with the Air Force. Allison decides to drop by to see Wil and with the war now over, they meet up with Carr Benedict so that they can all catch-up. Allison and Wil later head out but they are soon caught in a blizzard, right when Allison had something important to say; therefore they seek shelter in a remote village.moreless
    • The World with the Two of Them
      Allison and Wil are heading towards the so-called treasure, with the directions old man Walter told them. However it isn't long before someone catches up to them and it is none other than Carr Benedict. After a friendly dogfight, Carr Benedict decides to aid the two on their search for the treasure. Upon arriving at the double humped mountain, they soon find the treasure that could be the answer to all the unsolved questions and end the war.moreless
    • Walter's Fight
      Walter's Fight
      Episode 3
      Using the uniforms they got from Mrs. Radia, Allison and Wil decide to continue their journey to save the captured Old Man. Meanwhile at a medieval looking military base, old man Walter is being interrogated on the whereabouts of the treasure and a lieutenant there is suspicious of the whole thing. Allison and Wil manage to reach the military base but will they be able to bluff their way into escaping with the Old Man?moreless
    • To Enemy Territory!
      While chasing the plane, Allison and Wil get attacked by a fighter plane and while getting away got tangled on some power lines, ultimately causing their plane to crash.
    • Towards an Enemy Country!
      After the Old Man was taken by someone suspicious, Allison and Wil take flight in an attempt to rescue him however they are forced to cross the border to do so. The two end up crash landing in Sou Beil and after some resting Wil gets hurt, forcing Allison to carry him to safety.moreless
    • Allison and Will
      Allison and Will
      Episode 1
      The year is 3287 and Wilhelm Schultz is planning to spend his summer in Rowe Sneyum School's dormitory, when all of a sudden a plane lands while he's giving supplementary lessons. The pilot turns out to be Wil's childhood friend Allison Whittington and they decide to catch-up, after being apart for half a year.moreless
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