Allo! Allo!

BBC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Season 9
    • A Winkle in Time
      Episode 6
      The Allies are nearly ready to reach Nouvion. Yvette asks to see Rene in the back room, where they find the two British airmen, once again shot down. The next day, the Allies reach the cafe. Gruber and Von Strohm decide to use the uniforms of the two British airmen to try to mingle out with the Allies, but they are caught as Von Klinkerhoffen arrives at the cafe to conduct the official surrender. Flick and Von Smallhausen try to use a mini-submarine to reach the ocean, via a secret tunnel under the town. Instead, they crash through the wall of the cafe, into the arms of the Allies. The war ends, and Rene is pinned with a medal as a hero by the Allies. The scene outside fades to the near present. A fancy Mercedes pulls into the square, where an old chauffeur, Von Strohm, opens the door for the rich owners of the car--Helga and Gruber. They enter the cafe to find things amazingly similar. They are told by Rene's young adopted son that he is outside, where Yvette is helping him use the public facility. Everyone ends up meeting in the square, next to the statue of Rene built by Alphonse. Upstairs, an older Mimi attends to the bedridden Edith. Outside, Gruber tells Rene how he became an international art dealer after the war. Rene explains that he never found the painting, which he accidentally misplaced just prior to the invasion. Gruber accidentally strikes the arm of the statue and it breaks, and the rolled-up painting falls out of the concrete statue. Stunned by the sudden recovery of the long-lost art work, everyone enters the cafe to decide how to split up the painting, now worth millions. Rene and Yvette, now carrying the painting, instead sneak over to Gruber's car. Edith, now hobbling down into the square, sees them. ("Rene! What are you doing with that serving girl?!?" ... "You stupid woman....can't you see?!") The final shot is of the car pulling away from the square, with everyone else in a slow walking chase.moreless
    • A Fishy Sendoff
      Episode 5
      Alphonse continues work on the statue of Rene. Von Klinkerhoffen takes Gruber and Von Strohm golfing, where they discuss the assassination plans. Meanwhile, Flick, Von Smallhousen and Helga listen in on the plans via a bugged golf club. Later, at the train station where the painting is to be delivered, Flick intercepts the picture frame, thinking it is the original painting of the "Fallen Madonna." The villagers arrive at the coast, but instead find the Allied troops invading the beach.moreless
    • The Fishmonger Float
      Michelle tries to send important microfilm to England via a homing pigeon, but fails. Instead, new plans call for the group to sail to England with the film on a motorized float under the guise of the annual fishmonger's parade. Von Klinkerhoffen tells Gruber and Von Strohm of his plans to assassinate Hitler with an exploding picture frame. Flick and Von Smallhousen kidnap Mimi and Yvette, using their clothes and keys to enter the cafe to search for the painting.moreless
    • René Artois Is Still Dead
      Rene has buckshot removed from his rear. Michelle plans to smuggle Rene to England, since he is still assumed by the Germans to be dead in the windmill explosion. Flick continues to pump information from Edith. After the plans to go to England are delayed, Rene instead decides to turn himself into the Germans, faking amnesia from the explosion.moreless
    • Missing and Presumed Dead
      Rene finds himself living as a love slave to the Communist resistance. Gruber and Von Strohm try to collect the painting, but Edith is unsure of its whereabouts. The pair agree to pay for a statue of Rene, who is assumed killed in the windmill explosion. Flick reveals his new face and tries to swindle Edith out of the painting. Von Klinkerhoffen takes Gruber and Von Strohm hunting, where they shoot Rene, who is escaping from the resistance by disguising himself under a elkskin bedspread.moreless
    • Fighting With Windmills
      Gruber and Von Strohm return from their failed escape attempt. Rene agrees to hide the painting, still missing a boobie, and suggests the Germans fake their own kidnapping by hiding in the windmill. Rene must later rescue them, though, as Von Klinkerhoffen decides to use the windmill for target practice. Rene rescues the pair, but is left alone only to be taken hostage himself by the girls of the Communist resistance. Meanwhile, a heavily-bandaged Flick tells Helga he has had plastic surgery to avoid capture by the Allies.moreless
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