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  • One of the funniest shows ever and set against the background of World War II in a Nazi occupied France. It could have been flirting with disaster, memories of grief, lawsuits... Instead 'Allo 'Allo turned out to be comedy gold. Make that a gem. Flawless.

    René Artois and his despised wife Edith (played respectively by the great Gordon Kaye and the inimitable Carmen Silvera) run a Café in a small french town under Nazi occupation during WWII. René romances the maids Yvette and Mimi, puts up (or rather does not) with his mother in law's antics, life under the nazis, is co-opted by Michelle ("Listen very carefully I shall say this only once!") to the Resistence, is always trying to avoid encouraging Lt. Grüber's advances, suffering english fools not too gladly. One of them speaks an hilarious franglais. Then there are the british aviators, the radio communications with London ("ze flashing knobs!"). And the Gestapo's Herr Flick, his sidekick and nice Helga, mostly sympathetic to the villagers plight, but with a mean S&M streak regarding her passionate hero-worship for Herr F.
    Just one final word for Edith's singing skills - very painful and surprisingly useful at times. (Carmen Silvera actually is a fine cabaret singer and her role here is more self-mockery than anything else)

    It's impossible to give an idea of just how much fun this is. It can make you hurt from laughter. But you have to watch it, a couple of episodes maybe. Then you'll ask yourself where has this gem been all your life? Fear not. It's all out in DVD. Preserved for posterity - as any national treasure should be.
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