Allo! Allo! - Season 2

BBC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • The Gateau From The Chateau
    Literally picking up immediately after the end of episode 2.6, the silk balloon with the two airmen lifts off in the air, and the French folk return to the cafe to sigh with relief. The balloon takes off amidst German flak but the wind shifts and they end up crashing back into the Cafe, where Rene hides them inside moose heads in the pool room.

    General Erich von Klinkerhoffen takes command of the area due to all the Resistance activity. The Colonel has hidden the world's first cuckoo clock (shown back in the pilot) inside a bust of his head, but Hans sets it working and ends up beating it into submission to stop the ticking. Von Klinkerhoffen assigns the Colonel to seduce Edith in hopes of learning more about the Resistance, and the Colonel passes the mission on to Hans.

    The Resistance is aware of Von Klinkerhoffen's reputation as a vicious fiend, Herr Flick is unhappy that Von Klinkerhoffen has interfered in Gestapo affairs, and the Colonel and the Captain don't like his usurpation of power, so everyone tries to kill him at a Kaiser's Birthday Party arranged by the Generals' new ADC, Lt. Gruber. Herr Flick picks the blowdart death pipe of the Katari tribe, the Resistance picks dynamite inside the birthday cake (with a candle as the fuse), and the Colonel picks a poison pill in the wine.moreless
  • Herr Flick's Revenge
    After René ran away from the duel with Monsieur Alphonse, he hides. He´s rescued by Michelle from the Résistance who smuggles him back into the café dressed as a member of the Résistance, while she explains to Monsieur Alphonse that René is the bravest man in France.

    But Herr Flick has captured the Colonel and the Captain, and brings in René as well, and torture them unless they reveal where the painting of "The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies" is hidden. They are rescued by General von Klinkerhoffen.

    With life back to normal, there´s only a matter of getting the British airmen out. As the General imposes a curfew, Michelle's plan is a funeral for Madame Fanny.moreless
  • The Duel
    The Duel
    Episode 5
    René tries to hide from the seconds of Monsieur Alphonse, the undertaker, but in his stead Lieutenant Gruber accepts the duel. However, the Colonel and the Captain want to save René and plans an exercise to "accidentally" kill Monsieur Alphonse. The plan is thwarted by Herr Flick, who has discovered that the sausage that was sent to Berlin containing the painting of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies did not contain any painting - either real or fake. Herr Flick correctly assumes that the Colonel and the Captain stole the painting, and arrests them and cancels the exercise. Now René has to fight the duel on his own, while Yvette and Maria grieve on the sidelines and his wife Edith catches up on the gossip of the week.moreless
  • Swiftly and With Style
    After failing to destroying the train which will take the copy of the painting of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies to Hitler, René and the Captain are captured by the Résistance, only to be rescued by Herr Flick (who accidentally explodes his Gestapo car). The Colonel and the Captain are afraid that Hitler will understand that the painting is a copy, and prepare to escape to Switzerland. But they need not worry - the RAF managed to bomb the train instead.
    In the meantime, British agent in disguise, officer Crabtree has a new escape plan for the British airmen: a hot air balloon. Unfortunately, the silk has ripped, and the Résistance needs for René to replace it with 40 or 50 silk knickers. When LeClerc steals Helga´s knickers, Herr Flick demands that Café René be searched.
    But René has his hands full with Monsieur Alphonse, the undertaker, who proposes to madame Edith. Who will she choose? The rich undertaker or René?moreless
  • The Policeman Cometh
    We pick up the action mere moments after the close of the previous episode, as the airmen-filled cow narrowly escape being milked by a German patrol while awaiting the landing of the plane. As they watch disappointedly, the plane does not land, instead jettisoning two parachutes, one of which yields a new escape package. The other yields Officer Crabtree, sent from "British Ontelligence Headquitters" - disguised a policeman, he is supposed to blend in. Unfortunately, his French is abominable, getting the vowels wrong as often as not...

    Meanwhile, the plan to blow up the non-painting-filled knockwurst on its way to Hitler has hit a snag - Rene can't find anyone to blow up the train. But Helga works out a plan involving Lt. Gruber's armored car and its mounted 20 mm gun, and Rene and Hans end up out trying to shoot the train. Plus in this episode: Hitler's speeches at double speed!moreless
  • The Wooing of Widow Artois
    René is caught in a dilemma when he must choose between the women he loves: his waitresses Yvette and Marie, and his wife Edith, who as his widow has all his money. Unfortunately he cannot bring himself to woo Edith again, so Edith seeks the attention that she can get, from other suitors in town.moreless
  • Six Big Boobies
    Six Big Boobies
    Episode 1
    After the British airmen are gone for good - or so René thinks - there is still the problem of Herr Flick owning all three copies of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies (one original and two fakes), and while Herr Flick kidnaps Lieutenant Gruber (a former art house worker), the Colonel and the Captain start to plan their next move.
    All the while, René's widow Edith have found René´s will, and being the sole beneficiary, goes on a spending spree with René's money to attract better suitors. And the British airmen return - as nuns. They are last seen hidden in the piano.moreless