Allo! Allo! - Season 7

BBC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • The Gypsy Carnival
    The Gypsy Carnival
    Episode 10
    Abandoning Alphonse's truck idea, Michelle discovers an old charter which states that a gypsy fair is always held on the solstice. One of the gypsy tents could be placed over the grate, and they could finally get the airmen out. Flick has Elsa place the forgery in Von Strohm's office. Rene and Edith visit the gypsies, who read their palms. The gypsy leader claims that Edith was really Romanna, the Gypsy Princess. However, he quickly changes his mind when he hears her sing. The General discovers the painting and has Von Strohm, Gruber, Bertorelli and Bigstern arrested. The gypsies cancel because of a bad omen, so the cafe staff must take their places. Von Klinkerhoffen discovers the painting is another forgery, and releases his officers just in time for the start of the carnival. Rene is a fortune-teller in the tent covering the grate. The Airmen are given a chisel to try and break the hinges from the inside. Unfortunately, Gruber comes to communicate with Rene's dead twin brother. As the seance commences, the Airmen break out and push up the rug covering the grate, frightening Gruber who runs away. The airmen are followed by THREE MORE airmen who have been lost in the sewer for weeks. However, they take one look at Edith and head straight down into the sewer again while our airmen stay up top.moreless
  • The Ice Cream Truck
    Rene is forced to stuff mustard and sausages down his trousers to slide down to the airmen in the sewer, while a soup tank is being fitted to the bottom of Fanny's chair. Unfortunately, Fanny has gone to visit her sister, so Edith has to impersonate her. Alphonse tries to pry open the hinges on the sewer grate but they are too rusty, so he concocts a scheme worthy of Michelle. Rene will use his old ice cream truck to cover up the grate while Alphonse bangs at the hinges with his chisel. Meanwhile, Von Smallhausen makes a copy of the Fallen Madonna, while Flick tries to woo Helga once more. However, she has gone on a training course and is replaced by Private Elsa Bigstern, who takes to a surprised Flick immediately. The ice cream van is rolled in, and Von Klinkerhoffen protests its presence. But the heat gets to all of them and he decides to purchase some ice cream. However, as Yvette pumps it, the winch that is pulling up the grate blows out the pump on the ice cream maker, which starts spurting out vanilla all over the General.moreless
  • Stuck!
    Episode 8
    The first edition of the paper comes out, with Edith's face gracing the cover alongside the general. Michelle discovers the painting she has is a forgery and develops a plan to get both the original and the Airmen out. Von Klinkerhoffen decides that for the second edition, a mixed marriage between a German and Frenchman should take place. Bertorelli is chosen, and his bride to be is Edith, who is still single. The General arranges for a party to be held for the new couple at the chateau, inviting all the local dignitaries. Flick and Von Smallhausen sneak into the chateau via the moat while Mimi uses the dumbwaiter to let Michelle and her troops in to get the airmen out through the underground river. Fanny is able to break up the cafe by claiming Edith does not own it, and the Gestapo set off a fake fire alarm to cover their theft of the painting. To top it all off, the Airmen become stuck in the sewer in the center of town.moreless
  • A Barrel Full of Airmen
    Rene is going to make a run for the Spanish border disguised as an onion seller. Just as he is leaving, Von Strohm, Gruber, and Bertorelli show up and try to get an explanation about the theft. Rene hands over the painting, which in turn is unfortunately handed over to the General. Receiving this news, Flick decides he must make up with Helga to get back the painting. Von Klinkerhoffen decides to have his picture taken at the cafe for the propaganda paper. Michelle places the wine barrels, designed to transport the airmen, in Rene's cellar. Helga ignores Flick's advances and starts dating Bertorelli to make him jealous. Flick in turn tries to chat up the waitresses at the cafe, and Von Klinkerhoffen has him thrown out. The General then asks to see the wine cellar and ends up taking the barrels (with the airmen in them) back to his chateau.moreless
  • The Spirit of Nouvion
    The telephone pole plan having been discovered, the Resistance now try to get the Airmen out in wine barrels. Unfortunately, the Resistance is running out of funds, and Mimi makes a slip about the Fallen Madonna, so Michelle decides to steal the painting from Herr Flick and sell it to fund the Resistance. Meanwhile, Flick is forced to break up with Helga (Himmler told him so). Back at the newspaper, a "Spirit of Nouvion" contest is being held, as Edith, Yvette, and Mimi simultaneously show up to be photographed. That night, our heroes tunnel into Flick's office and break into the underside of the safe. At the same time, Von Strohm, Gruber, and Bertorelli break in through the front door. Rene is accidentally doused in flour before he enters the safe, and when the door is opened, Gruber again believes he is seeing Rene's dead twin brother's ghost. The Germans make a hasty exit and Rene gets the painting. He plans to switch it with a forgery, and is blackmailed by Edith, who forces him to select her as the "Spirit of Nouvion".moreless
  • Lines of Communication
    Michelle and Crabtree manage to get the Airmen back (they are currently hiding with pigs) by disguising them as sacks of potatoes. Michelle also hatches another plan to send them home by cutting down telephone poles to make a raft. Helga helps Flick and Von Smallhausen narrowly escape from the monastery. Meanwhile, Von Klinkerhoffen, upset by the amount of Resistance propaganda in the town, decides to restart the old newspaper and has Rene and Alphonse appointed to run it. Flick is out of petty cash and tries to call Berlin for more, thereby discovering the phone line plot. Alphonse suggests the Germans have their picture taken with Ernest and Fanny, to make them appear more humane (but which pair needs that help more?). Michelle also favors the paper, which she will secretly use to spread more Resistance propaganda. The picture with the couple fails (due to a newlywed tiff), and so a picnic is staged. Unfortunately, it is disrupted by Flick and Von Smallhausen falling in on a telephone pole (sawed halfway through by the Resistance) while trying to call Berlin.moreless
  • Hello Hans!
    Hello Hans!
    Episode 4
    Rene and an airsick Edith land in England where British Intelligence tries to find out why they aren't the Airmen. An officer from Deep Intelligence is brought in, and he turns out to be none other than Hans Geering. In the intervening time, Hans has become a British citizen with his knowledge of the Nazi army (and a little bit of brainwashing). At #10 Downing Street, Churchill desires to meet Rene and Edith, who he awards medals and citations (after a few drinks and a nap). However, Edith decides to return home after discovering that Fanny and Leclerc are ruining the bar. They are flown over Nouvion, and as Rene hugs Edith goodbye, the bomb door opens and the two of them are dropped out of the plane. Arriving back at the cafe just before they are to be arrested for being out past curfew, Rene learns that he did not qualify for the collaboration medal after allmoreless
  • Eloping to England
    Eloping to England
    Episode 3
    Rene is to be given a collaboration medal for his help with the removal of Von Flockenstuffen. Unfortunately, this causes the Communist resistance to place a price on his head. He decides once again to elope with Yvette. Michelle orders Rene to take the Airmen to the monastery to be picked up by a lightweight plane. Flick also learns of this news, and he and Von Smallhausen have themselves initiated into the brotherhood to gather information and capture the Airmen. Unfortunately, because of the dark and the fact that everyone is dressed in monks habits with hoods, Rene ends up grabbing Edith's hand instead of Yvette's, as the two are rushed aboard the plane bound for England.moreless
  • Free At Last!
    Free At Last!
    Episode 2
    Monsieur Alphonse, who made the Murphy bed, arrives to pry the couple out while Mimi tries to feed them soup through a hole using a bellows. Meanwhile, Von Flockenstuffen reveals his plans to kidnap Churchill, pulling rank on the recovering Von Klinkerhoffen. Von Strohm, Gruber, and Bertorelli have even greater doubts about the plan when the general puts them in charge of the suicide squad in the kidnapping. Flick has Von Smallhausen sprung from prison and the pair arrive just as the dynamite (borrowed from the resistance and disguised as candles) goes off in their faces and frees the newlyweds. That night, as Von Flockenstuffen is being entertained in the cafe, Helga and Bertorelli spring Von Klinkerhoffen. Von Flockenstuffen demands to visit the cellar, taking with him one of the dynamite candles. Von Klinkerhoffen arrives to relieve him just as the candle goes off.moreless
  • Von Flockenstuffen In Command
    Leclerc and Fanny are brought down in the town square after the helium runs out, where they are then arrested and sent to prison. Since Von Klinkerhoffen's nervous breakdown, General Von Flockenstuffen has taken command, much to the chagrin of Von Strohm, Gruber, Bertorelli, and Helga. Edith manages to forge her own papers to release Fanny and Leclerc just as Von Smallhausen has himself arrested to interrogate the couple about the British airmen. Ultimately, the forged papers are discovered, and the newlyweds hide back at the cafe. Unfortunately, their spring-loaded Murphy bed has now pinned them behind the wall...moreless