Ally McBeal

Season 2 Episode 13

Angels and Blimps

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1999 on FOX

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  • It's my favorite Ally McBeal episode and the saddest one in the entire show.

    I remember watching the episode few years ago late at night and after its end,I just couldn't sleep because I was so emotionally moved by this episode.I couldn't stop crying after it because it gave me so many emotions-heartwarming and sad.The boy was so cute and Ally trying to help was one of the best moments television has ever had.No one saw it coming that Ling would cry for something but when I saw her crying I just started.It's actually one of the best and saddest episodes I have seen in my entire life.I will always remember it.Very few shows now can be delighted with such great episodes.It's a great episode of a great series.I indicate this episode as Ally McBeal's reaching its peak and highest quality.Simply the best.