Ally McBeal

Season 2 Episode 13

Angels and Blimps

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1999 on FOX



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    • Ally: You are a lawyer.
      Ling: But I don't practice. Practice causes wrinkles, look at you.

    • Ally: Maybe... Anyway, my mother knew that I'd figure out that He wasn't a blimp. So she changed the story a little and she told me that God had men make the blimp to remind people that He was out there watching. Cause that's all blimps do, they just look down. And still, to this day, I wonder a little. Maybe God had men make blimps, to remind people that he was up there.
      Eric: I've never seen a blimp. Except on TV.
      Ally: Well, God probably communicates with different people in different ways, and maybe he sent a blimp to me, but for you... Well, maybe the Red Sox will win the World Series this year, just to remind you that he's up there, looking...

    • Ling: (Bumps into a man in a wheelchair) Ow ! Watch where you're going, it's bad enough you people get all the parking spots!
      Ally: Her first impressions aren't good but they're usually lasting.

    • (In hospital)
      Ally: Ling! What are you doing here?
      Ling: Oh, a friend of mine, I sent her flowers, but she died, so I came to take them back.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "The Rainbow Connection" by Vonda Shepard
      "Going the Distance" by Conti
      "This Old Heart of Mine" by the Isley Brothers
      "Vincent" by Vonda Shepard

    • Dedicated to the memory of John G. Heath, Jr. He was actually show's construction coordinator. He died of cancer.

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