Ally McBeal

Season 3 Episode 8

Blue Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 20, 1999 on FOX

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  • This is one of my favorite ally mc beal episodes ever. I hope people enjoyed it as much as I did! It was definitely season 3's best episode yet!

    I am a die hard Elaine fan, just to get that cleared up. I think she is the best and most entertaining character on Ally (Ling in second, Richard third). Her chance at happiness with this baby was touching and I cry every time I see it.

    Elaine is a promiscous twenty-something year old woman. She has a large heart and constantly cares for others, even when they don't want it. But, nothing stays in her life for too long. She has never had a serious boyfriend and men who are interested in her see her as easy. I don't think a husband is what Elaine needs: she is too young and not ready. But, a baby is something that would change her world for the better.

    Which is why when she finds an abondoned baby in a manger, she falls in love with him and decides to keep him. However, it is against the law and she cannot do it. But, John Cage jumps her to the top of the adoption list and, as expected, the adoption agency does not like it. They take her to court, and she is prepared to fight tooth and nail for baby 'Elliot'. Meanwhile, everyone in the office finds Elaine's baby incredible. They take turns looking after him and truly love him. He even has Ling considering motherhood!

    All is going well in Elaine's trial, until Georgia leaks a little too much information. The lawyer discovers that Elaine has quite a history with inventions. He comments on The Face Bra and the 'flourescent condomns with little sayings on the side'. To which Elaine answers 'They're not as popular as the face bra'. He then mentions her licking cappucino foam off John's face. And 'fluffers', which all lose her hope. Then when he asks how many men she has slept with in the past year, the objection is rightfully sustained. Elaine gets furious and Ally learns it was Georgia.

    Closings come and Ally attempts to salvage Elaine by saying that 'Mr McCabe does not know Elaine Vassal. If he did, there would be know question before this court' leaving Elaine in tears.

    Ally is singing at the christmas party and Elaine is helping her make it 'cute and sexy' but in rehearsals ally just can't do it. Then, she does a performance that is the complete opposite of the Ally we know. But, Elaine is beeped during it.

    They go to court where the judge says 'If the petitioner lives up to half of what her lawyer, and admitely her friend, says, i have no doubt that she will make an exceptional mother. Petition for temporary guardianship, granted' As Elaine, John and Ally sit in shock, none can believe their good luck.

    However, it does not last. The real mother comes back, asking for her baby. Ling says that there was a case recently with this situation, and the adoptive parents won. 'The laws the same, you're Elliot's parent right now' But John says 'You will one day be faced with having to tell him that you fought in court to take him away from his biological mother. Ally replies 'Biological doesn't mean better' Elaine knows what she has to do.

    Elaine tells the mother:
    'What is his name?'
    'Allen, Allen Matthew Hart'
    'How do I know you won't abandon him again?'
    'I didn't abandon him, not really. I was all set to take him back when I saw him in your arms and I thought maybe he was better off. Please Miss Vassal, I can't live without my son.'
    The baby is plopped in the birth mothers hands and Elaine replies with the heart breaking 'I love you'

    Definitely the saddest Ally McBeal episode and one of the best! Worth seeing!