Ally McBeal

Season 1 Episode 14

Body Language

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

The show opens with Ally and Renée at a wedding, at which both are bridesmaids. They complain about weddings. Ally asks Renée to hit her with a rock if she ever marries out of desperation. When the bride tosses the bouquet, Ally knocks women down, elbows Renée, and plows her way to the head of the pack in order to grab the bouquet. Ally then 'sees' Renee hitting her with a rock. They later contemplate why society pushes women to think they need to be married by age 30, while burning their bridesmaid dresses. Ally says she would rather wear her pj's in public than be a bridesmaid again.

Tonight's case involves Ally and Georgia representing Janie, who wishes to be married to Michael, who is serving a life sentence. The judge tells them that they need to get the warden to agree to let the marriage happen. When they talk to the warden, he tells them the marriage can't happen, unless Janie were pregnant. Billy encourages them to try the judge again, and Ally thinks she'll use John's 'smile therapy' on him. Renée and the others at the firm think maybe Georgia would be the better choice for trying to flirt the judge into changing his mind, but Ally insists that she can smile and flirt, too.

The next day, Ally has a brainstorm after Janie makes a comment about ovulating. Ally goes back to the judge, and tried to flirt with him, with pathetic results. Once that tactic is gone, she comes right out and ask for permission for Michael to make sperm deposits for Janie. She gets a court order from the judge permitting it. Janie is not happy about the way that this might let her marry Michael, in 'manufacturing' a baby, but agrees. Ally and Georgia take a tupperware bowl and go to see Michael, to get his 'deposit'. On the way to the clinic where Janie is waiting, they are stopped by the police, who make them get out of the car, and also examine the container. By the time they finally get to the clinic, Janie no longer wants to conceive or get married this way. She throws the contents of the tupperware container away. As she does this, the warden comes in, and tells the women that he had changed his mind, and will allow Janie and Michael to marry. Janie asks Ally and Georgia to be her bridesmaids, to Georgia's delight, and Ally's horror. Georgia accepts for them. Later that night, the lawyers and friends all gather outside Ally and Renée's apartment. Ally comes out, wearing her flannel pj's, and dances in the street in front of them, having been a bridesmaid once again.

In a secondary storyline: While at the bar with the rest of the lawyers, Richard spots Janet Reno, and goes over to her, to finger her neck and flirt. Whipper walks in, and watches him carry on with Janet. Whipper confronts him about it, then breaks up with him. He is upset the next day, and has unsuccessfully tried to contact her. Ally tries to run interference, and meets with Whipper. She tells Ally that this isn't the first time she noticed Richard smitten with Janet, and she's concerned about their love life in general. Richard again goes to see Whipper. He professes his feelings for her, but still isn't ready to make a commitment. She takes him, and this, for now.