Ally McBeal

Season 1 Episode 14

Body Language

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1998 on FOX



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    • Ally: Everything is neutral in Switzerland. People are even emotionally neutral in Switzerland. All they do is drink hot chocolate, work in banks - nobody gets hurt - and they get to lead nice lives right up until the point where they shoot themselves.

    • Richard: (to Janie) The main reason women seek to marry is to basically make it much harder for the man to get away. You latch on to him with legal strings. Ball and chain, he's caught. You already have that. [Michael]'s in prison. He's not going anywhere. He almost literally wears the ball and chain. And not only will he not be having sex with other women, he won't be having it with you. In a sense, you really are married.

    • (Richard comes to Ally for advice on Whipper)
      Ally: You want me to talk to her?
      (Richard scowls)
      Ally: I'm actually not such a disaster when it comes to other people's lives.

    • Ally: Do you really need that piece of paper?
      Janie: Maybe not. But I want it. I want it.
      Ally: Okay. Why?
      Janie: When I make that vow to love [Michael] forever... I want it recognized, not just by him and me, but by our families, by the world.

    • Richard: You locate way too much of your self-esteem in your neck and it's hurting you. You have perfect breasts, the ripest rump in the Eastern Seaboard. Your stomach can make a washboard jealous and your hair flows like an untamed river. You are more than just a pretty neck and you need to know that.
      Whipper: You left out my eyes.
      Richard: (laughs) Oops.
      Whipper: And you left out my lips and my soft, soft Midas-touch hands. And my thighs. But most of all, nookie, you left out my knee. (knees Richard in the crotch)

    • (Billy and Ally discuss a case)
      Billy: This is insane!
      Ally: We're lawyers, Billy. That's our job -- distort the law beyond common sense.

    • Elaine: What women want is commitment, Richard.
      Richard: Oh, that is such an overused trite generalization -- 'they need commitment.' Wha-- what does that say about women?
      Elaine: That they'd rather be monogamous, unlike men, who want to procreate with anything that moves.
      Richard: Exactly. You said that, not me. Don't be calling me chauvinistic.

    • Whipper: If two people prioritize space and fun and freedom, that's fine. But when they fall in love and still do that, it's pathetic.

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