Ally McBeal

Season 3 Episode 16

Boy Next Door

Aired Unknown Mar 27, 2000 on FOX

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  • I know, not really an original conclusion, but it was just so sad

    I'm just watching all the episodes now and I haven't seen a lot, but I've seen a few of them already, among others this one and it was mostly because of this episode I bought the series on dvd. It's just so sad. Definetely when you see the first episodes right after it, because it's so obvious that Billy and Ally were meant to be together and when he finally realises this and tells her he loves her, he dies. It must have been hell for her, especially because she had to lie to Goergia and everybody else to not hurt their feelings.
  • Devastating

    In a season often unfairly termed inferior, this episode is a real stunner. Calista Flockhart shines and she has wonderful writing to thank for it. The candle flairs before it goes out and Billy is no exception. His final closing turns into a declaration of love which is tearful in itself before his death.

    No programme can make you laugh and cry in such quick succession as this programme - truly amazing tv.
  • tears!!

    i remeber watching this ep when it was first shown...i cried so much when billy points to ally and says look at my wife there, u jujst knew that something bad was about to happen and then billy died, part of me was like noooo its just a dream or something but alas no it wasnt !!! sooooo sad!!!
  • The saddest episode of Ally I have ever seen. I was in floods!

    The episode begins with discussion about the brain tumour that Billy has just found out that he has. The doctor's advise him to wait for a while, but once they find out his hallucinations are becoming more frequent, they make an appointment to operate on it and remove it. Meanwhile, Jon Cage gets stuck in a lift and Nell dumps him while he is stuck. Jon is admitted to hospital as a precautionary measure. Ally and Billy are working on an anullment case and during the hearing, Billy goes off on a bit of a tangent and says he has been married to Ally for 12 years and that her and their children (which neither of them have) are the most important things in his life. Then (WARNING - SPOILER COMING)

    Billy collapses and dies! Ally has to beak the news, and gets together with Georgia to organise the funeral. They decide to try and bring a bit of laughter to the event and have the choir sing 'there's a new man in town'. I have never cried so much at a TV programme, but by far the best episode I've ever seen, and it seems top episode as voted by users of this website too!
  • "all of my heart, forever." a heart-breaking episode, where fans (especially of the Ally-Billy relationship) feel a roller-coaster of emotions.

    I watched this episode today. I hadn't seen it since it's originally air-date which was (i believe) in 2000.I've always loved Ally McBeal, but out of the 5 seasons, this was always the episode that came to mind when i thought about her. Ally and Billy's relationship was always such an important part of who she was, she looked to it for an example in other relationships, it was her glimmer of hope in an otherwise unloving and sometimes cold, world. There are spoilers following.

    A Lot happens in this episode,Nelle and John breakup, Ally finds out that Billy has a brain tumor, they are in the middle of a case together, and then suddenly, he is gone. It has been about 10 years since i've last seen this episode, and it's always stood out in my mind, how right before his death he tells Ally just how much he loves her, and for a few seconds, you just feel this insane happiness for the two of them, which is immediately ripped away, and he dies. The scene between Ally and Georgia also stood out to me, Ally got that tiny bit of resolution before his death and to give the same resolution to Georgia, I always found that amazing of Ally. Watching these two women, who definitely loved Billy with all of their hearts. Amazing. Finally, Billy's funeral..that's another unforgettable scene, this is arguably the best episode (albeit the saddest, and most heartbreaking) of the series.. and it's just wonderfully done.
  • Billy died. Truly sad to watch as he confess his love to Ally before he\'s gone. Episode of tears.

    Billy had hallicinations and went for a medical check up. Discovered that he suffered from brain tumour. As his condition worsen, hullicinations increases. Finally, while fighting a case side by side with Ally, he revealed his love for Ally and his wished to have a family with Ally, just before he loses his life to his illness...
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