Ally McBeal

Season 3 Episode 2

Buried Pleasures

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1999 on FOX

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  • Nice thought pity it didn't follow through.

    My main problem with this episode is how it treats sexuality, for it is my belief that David E. Kelly's view of sexuality is similar to Richard's - Lesbians are OK, as long as they're hot (and still want men in the end). I may have been the only one in the audience who yearned for Ally and Ling to be together at the end of the episode, I certainly was in my house, they all interjected with "Ally and Ling are both straight, so a relationship would'nt happen", to which i replied "They didn't look that straight when were sucking on each other's faces") The fact they were both attracted to each other but both need a dumstick (even Ling who doesn't like sex) didn't seem to stem from an in-built masogeney in this supposedly feminist programme, let's not forget the gender of the writer and creator - male.

    PS. I thought the spanking sub-plot was well done - excellent performances from Liu, Flockhart, Carson, de Rossi, MacNicol ant to a comedic extent Germann in this episode.
  • This episode is the best of the whole series! It is one joke and bit after the other which combined make up for the best episode in the series! (WARNING! Spoilers)-> Although the series is over...

    1- Ling has an erotic dream about Ally
    2- Nelle\'s fantasy is to be spanked
    3- Billy behaves like a total pig (surprise!) and ends up arguing heavily with Renee
    4- Ling kisses Ally (!!!)
    5- Elaine makes out with John
    6- John spanks Nelle (!!!!!!)

    It is one shock after the other...Richard in this episode (although not mentioned previously) is also extremely hilarious (btw).

    My favorite character is Ling (and always will be). Ever since she appeared in season 2, I\'ve been waiting for her to do something wild, sexy or simply important to establish her as a regular character in the show. When I saw Ally kissing her, I knew this episode was meant to be good (very hot too!). I checked my watch, however, and I knew the episode wasn\'t even halfway finished. And then, minutes later, John takes a brush to Nelle and spanks her! I just couldn\'t stop laughing at that part when he starts Poughkeep-ing away as she asks him to leave, LOL!

    Anyway, this episode is really, really good. At first Ally McBeal is a bit dull, especially since everything is always about her. However, this episode is the best in the series and even if you don\'t like Ally or the series itself you should certainly watch it.