Ally McBeal

Season 5 Episode 22


Aired Unknown May 20, 2002 on FOX



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    • (last line)
      Ally (V/O): Looking backwards, many of the sadiest time in my life turned out to be the happiest. So I must be happy now. Yeah. This is gonna be good. Why else would I be crying?

    • (on an office meeting)
      Ally: Uh, thanks everybody for coming. Sorry about the short notice but it's important.
      Nelle: (ironically) You're changing your hair color?

    • Richard: All right, uh, everybody's here. Seats please, I have an announcement.
      Nelle: Don't tell me, you changed your name to Fish, McBeal... and Bump.
      Lisa: Oh, that hurts my feelings, Morgan.
      Nelle: I apologize, Debbie.

    • Ally: Hey. My, my, my flight is... So I'm gonna leave now. And, uh, you know this isn't a good bye, so if anybody is particularly emotional...
      Nelle: (sarcastically) My dam vanes is about to break.
      Ally: You know, Nell, you are the biggest fraud I've ever met. You have a huge heart and you don't fool anybody and... I'm gonna miss you.

    • Billy: You're OK?
      Ally: Hi. Well, I must not be OK, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Well I summon you up when... whenever I'm, I'm... (A beat) You know I'm, I'm fine. How can I help you?
      Billy: Living without me is one thing, living without them...
      Ally: Maddie needs to go and I'm her mother. You have to do what you have to do. That, That's a Ally McBeal-ism. Are you seeing anyone up there?
      Billy: I'm not supposed to be giving out insight information Ally, but uh, your life... it all works out.
      Ally: Yeah, it's working out Billy. It's been... working out.

    • Georgia: Hey. So, he actually got married. (pointing to Richard)
      Ally: He did an hour ago, and he's still married.

    • Richard: I think, uh, one of the reason I wanted to get married today is there's a risk Ally might not make it back in June. I was unwilling to assume that risk. (To Ally) Ally, the Biscuit said that my marrying Lisa today was worthy of you. I would agree. Without your influence I don't think I would be open to the... well, the insanity that just causes me to go with what I feel. And I know what I feel. I love you Lisa. And I'm betting on that love, as new as it is.

    • Ally: Wait, wait, wait. You two are... getting married?
      Lisa: You know what they say Ally, after the age of thirty we have better chance to be struck by a lightning...

    • Therapist: Do you what's a 3-Way is? (Ally keeps staring.) Miss McBeal?
      Ally: Yeah, it's when, uh, three people engage in a...
      Therapist: ...a phone call.
      Ally: A phone call.

    • John: Well where is she? She calls a meeting and she doesn't show up.
      Wilson: Easy little guy.

    • Ally: You know Richard I don't have any time.
      Richard: Why? Because Maddie is missing her friends?
      Ally: (angry) Maddie is cracking up!
      Richard: It could be genetic.

    • (While Ally and Maddie are packing, the dancing baby appears, wearing a NY baseball outfit; Rudy Gulliani, ex-mayor, Hillary & Bill Clinton also appear)
      Ally: Oh, no. (to the dancing baby) What, what, you think you're funny? No, no, no, no! (to half-naked Rudy Gulliani) And you, it's not your moment, OK? (to Hillary Clinton) And you, you're not even from New York! (Hillary makes an angry face as Bill laughs.)

    • John: This is ridiculous.
      Reverend: The harness keeps me from falling; the tug wakes me up. So I won't miss a bit!
      John: Am I the best man or the designated rope tugger?

    • Reverend: Not to worry. The robe will cover the harness. If I should black out, just give it a quick short tip up.

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    • Title: Bygones.

      This is a reference to the "Bygones" quote, repeatedly said by Richard throughout the series.

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