Ally McBeal

Season 1 Episode 2

Compromising Positions

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 1997 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Fish's partner, John Cage faces fines, jail, and public humiliation. To her dismay, Ally is assigned to be a litigator. Fish invites Ally along to dinner with a very wealthy potential client, Ronald Cheanie. Unbeknownst to Ally, the dinner is really a double date with Fish and his girlfriend, Whipper. Ally is furious, but Cheanie turns out to be handsome and intelligent.moreless

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  • This was a good second episode.

    This episode felt like it continued on from where the Pilot left off. This episode began to show us more about the firm and of course the characters. We meet John Cage for the first time in this episode. He is in trouble for sleeping with a hooker. We also get to see a little for of Richard, and the relationship between Ally, Billy and Georga gets more complex. Overall i thought this was a very good episode. It is good that Ally McBeal had such great first episodes because they made the show what it is. Overall i think this was a good season episode. Although i have sene these episodes before i think that it was there first few episodes which made me a fan of the show.moreless
Tate Donovan

Tate Donovan

Ronald Cheanie

Guest Star

Willie Garson

Willie Garson

District Attorney Frank Shea

Guest Star

John Cirigliano

John Cirigliano

Man #1

Guest Star

Dyan Cannon

Dyan Cannon

Whipper Cone

Recurring Role

Phil Leeds

Phil Leeds

Judge Boyle

Recurring Role

Peter MacNicol

Peter MacNicol

John Cage

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: In the scene where Ally is taking a shower, one can see that she is wearing a bra (or swimsuit). Which is something one would not normally do in your own bathroom.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • John: Ally, can I ask you a question?
      Ally: Anything.
      John: How often do you have sexual relations?
      Ally: Not that! You can't ask me that! You don't even know me!

    • Ally: Do you love her, Richard?
      Richard: I'm not sure… I think so, but it could be… maybe it's just the waddle.
      Ally: Excuse me?
      Richard: On her neck. That's what I go for with older women. The loose skin on their neck… the hint of a waddle. There's nothing more arousing for me, the way it just gently hangs there. And Whipper, I mean… I mean her neck is pretty tight now but you can see the potential, it will be perfect! So perfect! I wonder do I really love her or just the impending waddle? It just makes me crazy!

    • Ally (to a random guy in a bar, trying to prove that men are pigs): Don't even speak. I live across the street and I wanna take your clothes off. Do bad things. I'll have you back in an hour.
      Ally Ally? Ally McBeal? Greg stone! I was your brother's roommate at Baits!
      Oh… Hello. (voiceover) I can't move my feet!

    • Georgia (trying to prove a point): I'm sorry, I've never done this before in my life. I can see you're wearing a ring so I know you're married. I don't even wanna know your name, I don't even wanna talk, I… I live across the street and I just wanna be naked with you for an hour and pretend it never happened… and remember it forever.
      Guy in bar: Let me just pay my check first.
      Georgia: Oh, I'm sorry… I though you were somebody else. My mistake.

    • (Ally is looking around for Ronald Cheanie)
      Elaine: He took the stairs, he's gone.
      Ally: You could catch him if you took the window.

    • (with italic being voiceover)
      Ally: I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. Stay anyway.
      Ronald Cheanie:You want me to leave?
      Ally: No. Yes.

    • Ally (voiceover): A judge? Even people we call Your Honour don't have honour anymore… It shouldn't be legal to be a judge with a name like Whipper.

    • Ally: This is serious Richard, they were kissing.
      Richard: In the restaurant?
      Ally: Yes.
      Richard: They were kissing?
      Ally: Yes.
      Richard: Each other?
      Ally: Yes.

    • Ally: This has nothing to do with Billy!
      Renée: You're kissing a guy you don't even like according to what you told---
      Ally: He looked good! Where does it say that women can't act like men sometimes? I saw a piece of cute meat and I said to myself "You only live once, be a man"!

    • Renée: Are you sure they were kissing?
      Ally: Am I sure? Hello, she was licking his tonsils.

    • Ally: By any chance is this evening kind of like a double date?
      Richard (laughing): Oh, no, no… kind of.
      Ally: So this man Mr Cheanie he thinks that I'm here as his escort?
      Richard: Eh…
      (Ally gets up from her chair)
      Richard: And up she goes.
      Ally: Richard I'm going to the bathroom.
      Richard: Is that where you make all your big decisions in life, the bathroom?
      Ally: Well, I'm sure you don't make any of yours in a room with a mirror.

    • Richard: We started this firm with the same dream, did we not?
      John: Money
      Richard:Yeah, and to pursue that dream we agreed that I would be the shark, the hammer, the ass and you would be the pillar of dignity. This was the deal. Have I not been every bit the ass you envisioned?
      John: And more.

    • John: Ally, when I was in high school, I picked up a nickname which follows me to this day. You know what they called me?
      Ally: Um, no.
      John: The little biscuit.
      Ally: They used to call me 'the popsicle'.

    • John: It's not easy to meet women. Sure I can walk into a bar and buy a lady a drink and under the pretext of a perhaps budding relationship seduce her into satisfying my sexual needs, but that goes against my grain to deceive another person no matter what the personal gratification. So I thought it more honest to solicit a prostitute.

  • NOTES (3)