Ally McBeal

Season 1 Episode 2

Compromising Positions

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 1997 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the scene where Ally is taking a shower, one can see that she is wearing a bra (or swimsuit). Which is something one would not normally do in your own bathroom.

  • Quotes

    • John: Ally, can I ask you a question?
      Ally: Anything.
      John: How often do you have sexual relations?
      Ally: Not that! You can't ask me that! You don't even know me!

    • Ally: Do you love her, Richard?
      Richard: I'm not sure… I think so, but it could be… maybe it's just the waddle.
      Ally: Excuse me?
      Richard: On her neck. That's what I go for with older women. The loose skin on their neck… the hint of a waddle. There's nothing more arousing for me, the way it just gently hangs there. And Whipper, I mean… I mean her neck is pretty tight now but you can see the potential, it will be perfect! So perfect! I wonder do I really love her or just the impending waddle? It just makes me crazy!

    • Ally (to a random guy in a bar, trying to prove that men are pigs): Don't even speak. I live across the street and I wanna take your clothes off. Do bad things. I'll have you back in an hour.
      Ally Ally? Ally McBeal? Greg stone! I was your brother's roommate at Baits!
      Oh… Hello. (voiceover) I can't move my feet!

    • Georgia (trying to prove a point): I'm sorry, I've never done this before in my life. I can see you're wearing a ring so I know you're married. I don't even wanna know your name, I don't even wanna talk, I… I live across the street and I just wanna be naked with you for an hour and pretend it never happened… and remember it forever.
      Guy in bar: Let me just pay my check first.
      Georgia: Oh, I'm sorry… I though you were somebody else. My mistake.

    • (Ally is looking around for Ronald Cheanie)
      Elaine: He took the stairs, he's gone.
      Ally: You could catch him if you took the window.

    • (with italic being voiceover)
      Ally: I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. Stay anyway.
      Ronald Cheanie:You want me to leave?
      Ally: No. Yes.

    • Ally (voiceover): A judge? Even people we call Your Honour don't have honour anymore… It shouldn't be legal to be a judge with a name like Whipper.

    • Ally: This is serious Richard, they were kissing.
      Richard: In the restaurant?
      Ally: Yes.
      Richard: They were kissing?
      Ally: Yes.
      Richard: Each other?
      Ally: Yes.

    • Ally: This has nothing to do with Billy!
      Renée: You're kissing a guy you don't even like according to what you told---
      Ally: He looked good! Where does it say that women can't act like men sometimes? I saw a piece of cute meat and I said to myself "You only live once, be a man"!

    • Renée: Are you sure they were kissing?
      Ally: Am I sure? Hello, she was licking his tonsils.

    • Ally: By any chance is this evening kind of like a double date?
      Richard (laughing): Oh, no, no… kind of.
      Ally: So this man Mr Cheanie he thinks that I'm here as his escort?
      Richard: Eh…
      (Ally gets up from her chair)
      Richard: And up she goes.
      Ally: Richard I'm going to the bathroom.
      Richard: Is that where you make all your big decisions in life, the bathroom?
      Ally: Well, I'm sure you don't make any of yours in a room with a mirror.

    • Richard: We started this firm with the same dream, did we not?
      John: Money
      Richard:Yeah, and to pursue that dream we agreed that I would be the shark, the hammer, the ass and you would be the pillar of dignity. This was the deal. Have I not been every bit the ass you envisioned?
      John: And more.

    • John: Ally, when I was in high school, I picked up a nickname which follows me to this day. You know what they called me?
      Ally: Um, no.
      John: The little biscuit.
      Ally: They used to call me 'the popsicle'.

    • John: It's not easy to meet women. Sure I can walk into a bar and buy a lady a drink and under the pretext of a perhaps budding relationship seduce her into satisfying my sexual needs, but that goes against my grain to deceive another person no matter what the personal gratification. So I thought it more honest to solicit a prostitute.

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