Ally McBeal

Season 4 Episode 15

Falling Up

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

Everyone's playing the waiting game, in the midst of their dating games. Ally, missing Larry more than ever, starts having even more odd than usual dreams about him and falling, and also begins to hallucinate seeing him everywhere. Her visions not only drive her crazy, but also affect the people around her. After a troubling dream in which she falls out of an airplane, she races into Renee's bed, only to wake up next to Jackson, who had spent the night with Renee. She later mistakenly hugs Richard and kisses Jackson, thinking both were Larry. Jackson tells Ally she's got issues. Ally visits a new therapist, who tells Ally to stop seeing Larry immediately, feeling that he's not coming back. Ally balks at her advice. Richard refers her to his and John's couples' therapist, who tells her she has fears that Larry and she will never make it. Feeling defeated, since everyone she meets appears against them, Ally starts to take on this attitude as well, until she receives a surprise. Larry is waiting in her kitchen for her, and is back for good, and wants to move it. Ally's wait is over.

Renee and Jackson's first kiss landed them in bed on their first date. Both are embarrassed about their behavior, and with Ally's assistance, arrange a second date on which Jackson will act like a gentleman. The two have dinner, and later sing at duet, "'Til You Come Back," at the bar to most of the envious looks by their Cage and Fish counterparts. Ally later finds the two in her bed again.

John has the only case tonight, representing Eric Bennett, who is looking to annul his marriage with Mary Clapp. The two had entered into their marriage with plans to have four children, but after the wedding, Mary decided against having children. John's impassioned pleas that children are the essence of a marriage don't seem to sway the jury enough, but his point is made clear to Melanie. She drops another bombshell, after confirming her continued disinterest in marrying, that she doesn't want to have children. John is taken aback by this, having assumed that she would want them, being a teacher. She claims that she doesn't want kids because she knows, even now, that she'll leave eventually, like she left her first husband. Rather than waiting to see if things change, John suggests they stop seeing each other right now, before they hurt anymore. Both still profess to loving each other, but end their courtship.

Ling continues to gaze longingly at Jackson all night, but doesn't act on her hidden feelings. When Jackson asks her opinion of Renee, Ling is totally supportive of her, but appears devastated when Jackson leaves the room. She doesn't say anything, but Richard continues to pick up on the uneasiness between her and Ling in regard to Jackson. Elaine continues to sweat around Jackson, which still bothers Mark. Envious of Renee's duet with Jackson, Elaine tries to teach Mark how to sing and perform a song with her.
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