Ally McBeal

Season 2 Episode 3

Fools Night Out

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1998 on FOX
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Nelle is already making her presence felt in the change of office atmosphere when Fish dumps another groundless case on Georgia. Ling Woo, the unpleasant plant manager, is back to sue a nurse in her sister's plastic surgeon's office for misrepresentation of results from breast implant surgery. Georgia would love to drop the case but can't. She confronts Nelle for dumping it on her anyway, but Nelle justifies the reassignment by saying she and Ling are friends and would end up hating each other as a result of the lawsuit. Cage reflects on Ally's progress with a mediation case between Fish's minister and a jilted choir singer. Nelle moves on to Cage and confronts him about his resistance to the notion of a potential interoffice romance.moreless

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    Kayren Butler

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    Jody Silverman

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    Lydia Look

    Lydia Look

    Leigh Woo

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    Jennifer Holliday

    Jennifer Holliday

    Lisa Knowles

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    Mark Newman

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    Gerry Becker

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When the Rev. is explaining to Lisa why he broke up with her, he says, "You're the best woman I've ever known." Lisa is played by Jennifer Holliday, who became famous for the song "And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)" that she performed in the original cast of the musical Dreamgirls. The song goes, "You're the best man I've ever known, there's no way I can ever go..."

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Ally is sitting alone and thoughtful in the bar when Georgia comes in
        Georgia: Hey!
        Ally: Georgia... hey.
        Georgia: You drinking?
        Ally: Em... no. No, that... that's (Georgia laughs) I'm getting ready to drink it.
        Georgia: Uh-hm. What's the matter?
        Ally: Uh... nothing.
        Georgia: Nothing?
        Ally: Nothing I can talk to you about.
        Georgia: Ah... Billy.
        Ally: Yep.
        Georgia: What now?
        Ally: Lisa Knowles. (pauses) She was saying how... You know how when men break up with women they speed away like they're fleeing the scene and then... It hit me. Billy didn't break up with me because he had to go off to Michigan to make law review. He went to Michigan to get away from me. That was just his way of fleeing the scene. (looks at Georgia) Am I right? (looks away again and speaks more to herself) I am right. (Georgia looks concerned) Well, he didn't have to go that far. Did he really have to go all the way to Michigan? (Ally's expression changes as it begins to dawn on her.) He met somebody who was at Michigan. He met you... while he was still with me.
        Georgia: I didn't know. About you.
        (Ally picks up her glass and drinks the vodka.)

      • Ling: Don't Ling me, I'm tired of being Linged around here!
        Nelle: Ling, I admire the way you don't let yourself be pushed around, I really do. Too many people, when they think they're being wronged just walk away, I salute that you don't. But... something's going on lately, you think the whole world's against you, you...
        Richard: It's only just the people who've met you. Kidding.

      • John: She doesn't want to go downstairs, and I get troubled on unfamiliar turf.
        Richard: It's just a date, John.
        John: I've never been out with this much woman, Richard, I don't want to get hit with regularity.

      • Billy: Is this about Nelle too?
        Georgia (while Nelle comes up behind her): It has nothing to do with Nelle, although I have no doubt that her breasts are perfect... (turning around to leave and almost bumping into Nelle)... and of course, you would be standing there for that, because that's the way things work around here. Go pick a stall and hoist your legs, you'll learn all about us.

      • Ling: She's very hard to shop for.
        Attorney: Your sister?
        Ling: Yes. She has everything. The only thing I knew she wanted was nicer breasts. She didn't like hers, she thought they were small and unshapely.
        Attorney: So you ummm... decided...
        Ling: To get her implants for Christmas, so I went to Dr. Noful he'd been recommended. We discussed the importance of them feeling natural, this was a priority, my sister is a very natural woman, scars make her vasavagal. So he said "Let me show you a sample of my work!" He brings in his nurse, her, she unveils, she's full, soft, without a hint of a blemish. I almost signed up and my breasts are beyond reproach. (Looks at the clerk who is listening without typing) Shouldn't you be typing?
        Attorney (clearing his throat): And you're... claiming that you paid for your sister's operation...
        Ling: Based on her full soft implants! And what did my sister get? These hard little petrified lumps. She jumps through and they don't even move. And the scars? My uncle slit his wrists with more finesse! And then I find out, she's never minds at all. Hers are real, the total fraud!
        Attorney: Now, what haven't you sued the plastic surgeon?
        Ling: He's an empty pocket and in another jurisdiction and she's collectable. (turning to the woman who is supposed to take notes and slamming her fist on the desk) : TYPE!!!

      • Georgia: You had your legs up!
        Ally: No I didn't.
        Georgia: Yes you did! I checked, you had 'em up!
        Ally: Well, maybe they just flew up! Your Mirror Mirror dropped me from second to third and my legs reacted.

      • Georgia: You are suing a woman because her breasts are real!
        Ling: When you say it in a tone like that, of course it's gonna sound silly!

      • Ling (About Elaine): This woman drips with sarcasm at my personal expense.

      • Lisa Knowles: Where was the warning, Mark? How about, I'm feeling different? How about, I'm not so sure? Why is it always great with men right up until they run?

    • NOTES (3)

      • Vonda Shepard performs in this episode, but doesn't make an actual appearance.

      • Peter MacNicol makes his direction debut in this episode. It's his first time as a director on television. He will direct two more episodes of the show.

      • Featured Music:
        "I'm So Tired of Being Alone" by Jennifer Holliday
        "Fools Fall in Love" by Jennifer Holliday
        "Political Science" by Jennifer Holliday & choir
        "Maryland" by Vonda Shepard
        "You're the First, the Last, My Everything" by Barry White

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