Ally McBeal

Season 1 Episode 16

Forbidden Fruits

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1998 on FOX
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The firm takes on a high profile case involving a jilted spouse who is suing a US Senator for "interfering with happy marital relations". The Senator's case takes on perversely similar parallels to the Ally / Billy / Georgia love triangle, causing Georgia to quit the case, Fish to try the case, and Cage to keep the Senator from losing his career. Ally, meanwhile, doesn't hide much from Renée, and while trying to deny her feelings, experiences another dancing baby visitation, and thus causing Renée to wonder about Ally's sanity. Cage taps Fish to help litigate; knowing his utter lack of legal experience is just what they need to discredit the merits of the case. He advises Ally to match her adversary with smiles and ingratiating behavior.moreless

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    Dina Meyer

    Dina Meyer

    Anna Flint

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    J. Patrick McCormack

    J. Patrick McCormack

    Senator Foote

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    Marty Rackham

    Marty Rackham

    Joe Bepp

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      • Judge Steele: Mr. Fish, the Supreme Court has recently ruled that the President of the United States may be sued while serving his term, so why should we excuse a senator?
        Richard: I'm glad you asked me that, Your Honor, because it will allow me to comment on a very small detail so far ignored with respect to the Clinton-Jones ruling.
        Judge Steele: And what's that?
        Richard: Uh, they screwed up.
        Judge Steele: Who?
        Richard: The Supreme Court. Bad ruling.
        Judge Steele: The Supreme Court screwed up?
        Richard: Yes.
        Judge Steele: And you would like me to substitute your judgment for theirs?
        Richard: Yes. (Pauses.) Do I win?
        Judge Steele: No, Mr. Fish. You do not.

      • (Ally and John are preparing for a big court case)
        John: Ally, should the Oogga Chakka infant dash into the room, please ignore him.

      • Ally: It is stupid really, one guy suing another guy because he broke up his marriage - it's just an end-around no fault!
        Georgia: Why is it stupid? If someone breaks up a marriage, why shouldn't she take responsibility?
        Ally: (pause) He.
        Georgia: Yeah, he.

      • (Ally, Billy, Jon, Richard and Georgia are at a firm meeting debating their merits of a case)
        Ally: We have a real shot on the merits here-
        Billy: If we go in arguing a point of law-
        Ally: That the supreme court has just ruled on-
        Billy: We'll lose-
        Ally: And we'll make ourselves look more desperate-
        Billy: Which will hurt our credibility-
        Ally: At trial.
        Richard: Have you guys been passing notes in class?

      • Ally: I like being a mess - it's who I am.

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