Ally McBeal

Season 5 Episode 1

Friends and Lovers

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 2001 on FOX



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    • Milter: Ally, I was once a boy.
      Ally: Thank you. I didn't know therapists were supposed to reveal their own guarded secrets.

    • Ally: And who am I today?
      Milter: It would only be a guess...
      Ally: Take it.
      Milter: Somebody who desperately wants love but who no longer believes in it.

    • Jenny: Oh, this is for me. "Lady is a Tramp" That's what he used to call me, his little tramp.
      Ally: Oh, how romantic.

    • Glenn: Jenny, you're always the one who breaks it off.
      Jenny: Because you're a pig and a schemer and a clown and all you care about is sports and you're impossible to live with. You're impossible to be with. But you're not impossible to love.

    • Jenny: You thought he was cute.
      Ally: I... I didn't.
      Jenny: You did. You looked down to give your outfit a quick glance over. I know, I do that too. When I meet a cute guy I check my outfit and my breasts, to make sure they're still there.

    • Ally: What do they call those people who relive their lives over and over again?
      Milter: The clinical word?
      Ally: Yes.
      Milter: Pathetic.
      Ally: Right. Right, well... well, I'm not one to relive my past problems, thank you very much. I've committed this year to new disasters.

    • Ally: I've come to a point in my life where deep deep down I long to be... a mentor.
      Milter: Oh, dear God, no.

  • Notes

    • Although credited, Vonda Shepard does not appear in this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf
      "Everyday People" by Vonda Shepard
      "Goin' Out of My Head" by Vonda Shepard
      "I Don't Want to Lose Your Love" by Vonda Shepard
      "She's Just My Style" by Geekheads
      "Payday" by Boz Scaggs
      "Love Serenade" by Barry White
      "Come On Get Happy" ("The Partridge Family" theme song)
      "It's Over" by Boz Scaggs
      "The Lady Is A Tramp" by James Marsden.

    • Julianne Nicholson (Jenny Shaw), James Marsden (Glenn Foy) and Josh Hopkins (Raymond Milbury) join the cast, and Regina Hall (Coretta Lipp) is added to the opening credits after guest-starring during the fourth season.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: "Friends and Lovers"
      This is a reference to a 1994 TV series; a 1931 drama movie; and a 1999 drama/romance movie titled "Friends & Lovers".

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