Ally McBeal

Season 5 Episode 15

Heart and Soul

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 2002 on FOX

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  • Why did the writers do ths?

    I have refrained before from making this point, but with this episode I feel I must. No, I am not talking about the ridiculous courtroom behavior, nor the conflicts of interest that always seems to pop up between the lawyers, though this episode surely stretches the limits even further. I am also not talking about a man that serving life in prison going to court and not wearing shackles and being supervised. What I'm talking about is the Maddie character, Ally's daughter. The actress was 13 when this was produced, so why did the writers make her 10. She doesn't behave like a ten year old, nor does she talk like one. What would have been the cost of making her 13? Just plain dumb, in my humble opinion. Thankfully, the other storyline actually worked well, and the Serena character was brilliant. It's easy to see why this show was so uneven.
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