Ally McBeal

Season 3 Episode 17

I Will Survive

Aired Unknown Apr 10, 2000 on FOX
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Gloria Gaynor stalks Ally around singing ''I Will Survive.'' Meanwhile, Ally and Ling team up to represent a woman who beat her cheating husband to death with his prosthetic leg. Fish brings in a new lawyer and assigns him to Ally's case.

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    Gloria Gaynor

    Gloria Gaynor


    Guest Star

    Loretta Devine

    Loretta Devine

    Nora Mills

    Guest Star

    Amanda Donohoe

    Amanda Donohoe

    Marianne Holt

    Guest Star

    James LeGros

    James LeGros

    Mark Albert

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      • Mark: Law and Order. Law and Order is a television show, hope for it a good one. The nucleus of Nora Fields, believe it or not, was her love for her husband. Now you heard the therapist testify, the power of this love was also in Nora's mind immortal. Now there's a thing about great loves. We think they're...
        Billy voiceover: ...immortal. It can live forever. Even if the people involved don't...
        Mark: When Nora walked into that room and saw what she saw, it was as if her own center had been destroyed and nothing else mattered. The psychiatrist said, she was lost. Those were her words. She was lost. And she remains lost. The love that she had for her husband turned out to be false or at least finite and now she feels...
        Billy voiceover: she's not even entitled to cling to it after he's gone. And she sits there. Empty.
        Mark: ...A love that she cherished more than life itself was taken from her. Suddenly gone. And in part...
        Billy voiceover:...she felt gone.
        Mark: ...And she snapped.

      • Billy (ghost): You hate him, you hate God - anybody else?
        Ally: Yeah. You. For dying. (pause) You know? I can't even wear black, you know? Because you weren't mine! And maybe, maybe that's why I feel so alone.
        And nobody realy understands how much I... and, and what I...
        Billy (ghost): I know.
        Ally: Everybody, everybody says life has to go on and it just feels like such a big insult to you if life just goes on.
        Billy (ghost): Just remember me every now and again. That'll be enough.

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      • Title: I Will Survive.

        This is a reference to the song I Will Survive by Gloria Gayner, who performs the song in this episode.

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