Ally McBeal

Season 5 Episode 6

Lost and Found

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 2001 on FOX
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John makes a surprise return and is shocked after hearing from Raymond that Richard threw a party in his "hole". After confronting Richard, John gives the office a speech, in which he reveals the reason why and where he left to. Raymond gets Glenn and Ally to double date with him and Jenny. It's Jenny's birthday, and everyone forgets it. Glenn is the only one who didn't get her a present, so he sings a very romantic Elvis song at the bar for her. He asks her back, and she accepts. Ally wonders if she should hook up with John, but the ghost of Larry is still present in her thoughts. Meanwhile, Ling poses nude to boost her TV character; Corretta and Richard find themselves involved in a police investigation on a woman who used to marry rich old men for the moneymoreless

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    Melinda McGraw

    Melinda McGraw

    Nancy Gower

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    Holmes Osborne

    Holmes Osborne

    Undercover Detective Gerard Billow

    Guest Star

    Angela Sargeant

    Angela Sargeant

    Attorney Halpern

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    John Michael Higgins

    John Michael Higgins

    Steven Milter

    Recurring Role

    Albert Hall

    Albert Hall

    Judge Seymore Walsh

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    Sy Smith

    Sy Smith

    Ikette #1

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      • Elaine: (after hearing that Ally broke up with Glenn) Oh, Ally, I just want you to know that I am here for you.
        Ally: Yes, and what am I gonna do about that?

      • Ally: Should I love John Cage? He just represents so many of the things I want in a man and he would be the greatest of fathers.
        Milter: Well, Alison, you're begging the assumption that love can be voluntary. True love can often be reduced to three anecdotal questions: How would you feel about raising children with him? How would you feel about sitting in front of a fire and talking about life and a movie, perhaps a book you just read? And how would you feel about him suckling a little whipped cream out of the cup-pith of your navel. Ah yes! Romance would have begotten a different expression on that one.
        Ally: But does true love have to be romantic? I mean, really?
        Milter: For most people… no. For you? Well... I have a test for that one, too. And answer me honestly. A lot of my patients lie! (Ally nods.) When you're home and the phone rings, what's the very first thought that goes through your head? Rrrring!
        Ally: Larry.
        Milter: So much for John Cage.

      • Raymond: Call me an "oink" but I think he still loves her. I don't think either one of us is getting any tonight.
        Ally: Oink!

      • John: I know you regard this as silly, but I used to think in a prior life I was Elvis.
        Richard: But, eh John, Elvis lived in this life.
        John: Ah, there lies the rub.

      • Raymond: You're cute, in a slutty way.
        Elaine: And men on the rebound just love me.

      • Ally: You seem sad.
        John: Well, Richard violated my hole.
        Ally: Hmmm. Well, let it heal?

      • Ling: It used to be women stripped naked to have a chance at greatness, now you have to do great things to have a chance to strip naked.

      • Ally: Did you, uh, strip naked for a semi-nude layout?
        Ling: My character wasn't growing enough.

      • Nelle: Believe that? Treat people rotten enough and eventually somebody will put you on television.

      • Ally: Elaine, it's Jenny's birthday. Do you think that you could possibly do a number in the bar?
        Elaine: Absolutely.
        Ally: Aw, you're such a giver.

      • Richard: A judge can't order that.
        Nancy: Well, he did.
        Richard: Well, that's against that, uh, thing... tell her, Corretta.
        Corretta: The Constitution.
        Richard: Exactly.

      • Glenn: Why not sleep with me if for no other reason than to find out what you were missing out on in college?
        Ally: Hm. Well, uh, statements like that convince that I was missing nothing.

      • Ally: I'm sure he's not going to want some woman who just jumps into bed with every Tom, Dick and Larry... Harry.

      • Richard: Ling's syndicated television show begins airing today, for all of you who longed to control the volume when she speaks.

      • Ally: I'm afraid that he's gonna think I'm one of those... y'know...
        Milter: Penis taunters?
        Ally: Yes.

      • Ally: When I dance I can get...
        Ally: ...sizzling.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Featured Music:
        "Tell Him" performed by Vonda
        "Turn the Beat Around" performed by Vonda and the Ikettes
        "Dancing Queen" by Abba
        "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate
        "Do You Know What I Mean" by Lee Michaels
        "With This Ring" performed by Jane Krakowski and the Ikettes
        "Always On My Mind" performed by James Marsden

      • Lucy Liu (Ling Woo) exits the show as of this point, but she will reappear in one more episode before the series end. Both Liu and Peter MacNicol signed on for only a few episodes this season.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Episode Title: "Lost and Found"
        A lost and found or lost property, usually found at large public places, is where visitors can go to retrieve lost articles that may have been found by other visitors.