Ally McBeal

Season 3 Episode 9

Out in the Cold

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Nelle finds out John once hired a prostitute. Ally, Richard and the rest of the firm learned of John solicitation in the first season episode "Compromising Positions."

  • Quotes

    • Richard: Tell me women don't become interested in men because of the size of their wallets. We see beautiful young girls walking around with 80-year-old men on welfare all the time, don't we? People in this country are seduced by success! Fancy car, big house, beautiful woman. It's the American Way.

    • Judge Walsh: I think the idea of high school boys renting dates is disgusting. Mr. Cage, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume when you first heard of this, you took a moment.

    • Richard: You could have at least tried to be sympathetic!
      Ling: I was under oath!!

    • (John is in court to prove Ling's escort service did not provide more than dates)
      John: She never quoted a price for sex, did she?
      Witness: No.
      John: In fact, she said she wanted to make love to you because she liked you, isn't that right?
      Witness: Yes, but I wasn't sure if they were trained to say that.
      John: Who?
      Witness: (leans forward and whispers) Hookers.

    • Billy: (to potential client) Putting modesty aside, you won't find a bigger ass than me!

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