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  • Awful, just awful

    Wow. What a difference a decade makes. I watched this show when I was in my early twenties, and at the time it seemed unusual and quirky, with an unlikely heroine and a bunch of unorthodox characters. I did hate Vonda Sheperd's voice, though. That woman clearly never took voice lessons, otherwise she would know that this method of voice delivery is ghoulish.

    Anyway, now that I am a decade older, I can't watch this series, not even for the sake of nostalgic feelings. The plots are just ridiculous, the character of Ally McBeal is so over the top, so ludicrous, so stupid, the tip-toeing around her is implausible and annoying, her gestures and incessant bleating silence fillers are impossible to tolerate.

    I think I hate the series now. Ms. Flockhart is either a bad actress, or her take on Ally is intolerable. While trying to portray Ally as one of the last romantics, she created an out-of-control teenager who is permanently in PMS mode. Yuck.

    There is only one (!) character that is worth watching this show for, it is Portia De Rossi's Nelle Porter. This character is suave, poised, intelligent, elegant, not to mention, absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, there is not enough of Nelle in the show, and far too much Ally...
  • About the series

    It great writing episodes in season 2, casting in season 4 and acting for Tracey Ullman in season 2 & Peter MacNicol in season 4.
  • Missing Ally

    I have just rewatched the final episode of Ally McBeal and still find it hard to believe the show ended 10 years ago. I also find it difficult to understand why David Kelley didn't create a spin-off show. After all, Ally is the one who leaves, but Cage & Fish as a law firm still existed when the show ended. Perhaps I'm being selfish, especially seeing as John Cage was my favourite character, but I think a Cage & Fish spin-off would have made great tv viewing. Also, the romantic in me still likes to think Ally and John would have got together in the end. So yes, after all this time I still miss the show and would love to see a cast reunion sometime soon. So how about it Mr Kelley if you read this?
  • Get Serious with Ally and her crew!

    The beginning of law shows might've started with Ally for the 90's. Who really knows?! All I know was I looked up to her as a lawyer despite her dealing with love issues. The cast knew what they were doing and so did Ally. That's why I liked this show. Reliable to watch, conservative role playing, and great cases!
  • Lawyers push the envelope in this show.

    Was this one of the first shows involving lawyers and the way they are in real life? If so, I truly feel sorry for some of the lawyers out there, to a point. The Cage's of this world must be miserable. Cage has so many strange little things that he does just to calm him down it started to get annoying. Fish is what I thought a lawyer was; he is so money hungry its not funny, but every once in a while he shows emotion. The relationship between Ally, Billy, and Georgia made me uncomfortable. And Elaine; what a woman. She is the only character that I really liked on the show. She was who she was, face bra and all, and didn't care what people thought. I also liked the woman judge that dated Fish in season 1.
  • Ally McBeal is the best show ever!It's so sad that Robert Downey Jr were fired before the end.


    There sould be a movie or new season with Larry&Ally wedding like it was originally planned.I cried when he sends a letter to Ally and then he left to Detroit. So I make proposal to reunion, make a movie or new season where they get back together :)

  • Ally Mcbeal was a show that within a blink of an eye you could be tearing up, smiling, or burst out laughing, a show that made you feel great each week, of course it is well missed but DVDS bring it back.

    I am a big TV watcher, grew up in the 70's and watched lots of shows and if I were to pick my Favorite or the Best it be Ally Mcbeal.

    Now there was only one other show that was this good it was MASH, different type of shows but kept you coming back .

    I really enjoy the years Ally was on, to hear the intro song till the ending credits well worth the hour. Now the cast were perfect choices each one had their own mark on the show which made it as Popular as it was.

    I bought the DVDS of complete seasons which very tough to get cheap, but it is like the show never went off the air. I love to see a rebroadcast of the complete seasons on TVland or even SOAP channel.

    The music now there was a real treat just great tunes, the bar made you want to work in this kind of atmoshere just a great time, great guest singers, funny plots, all time favorite is John's Bary White Dance. Yes this is a show saddly missed love to see a reunion show like MASH did, or even a Movie version be awesome with original cast only though this show can not be remade.
  • Ally McBeal is a young lawyer who starts working at a firm where her first love works (and

    such an amazing show! ive read so many times how it was only good during seasons 1 and 2... after seeing the first 4 seasons (the last one i still have to download it) let me say its just flawless. yes. there might be one or two (no more) silly episodes, but the rest are oh so great. calista flockhart is just amazing in every episode and all the others actors are just as well, the guest stars are fantastic and the stories just get better. i agree season 5 might suck a little cuz robert downey jr stops acting on it :( !!!! but still... as long as Ally is there... ill be watching
  • great show.

    It was 1 of the first rom com shows out there now with cashemre mafia and sex & the city its normal. The show is just great the cast was perfectly put together in season 1 it was sooooo funny but it was missing something Ling she is 1 of my fave characters.

    The show did lose its touch in season 3 it was very dramatic. In season 4 Robert Downey Jr. gave a fresh take on the show his and ally's relationship was great. In season 5 it was rushed well it felt rushed it just wasn't the same. Josh Hopkins was good the rest just didnt fit and the whole daughter thing was stupid it was funny though. I loved the finale it was great and very emotional. I am sad its over but i understood why it was cancelled. All in all a really fantastic funny dramatic and romantic show.
  • One of the kind.

    It is undoubtedly unique, althoug a very wierd and funny with all its wierd things and danceing babys and imagane things. But something makes it a very special, always fun to watch. The characters are very cool and the court things is also very great.
    But I don't like all the actors and the story is sometimes a little bit too wierd and bad. But I like all the guest-actors, who give a little bit spice into the show.
  • this is absolutely the worst tv series human history ever faced.

    it got worse and worse in every episode and i still feel sorry for the time i've spent watching it. the only good thing about this show was that it ended. what would you expect from someone like david kelley?!! stupid inventions from a secretary, hidden rooms behind the toilets, electronic shoes... come on guys, get real!

    however, i thought it had a potential at the beginning. the pilot scenario was unusual. But these kind of outrages events that were in the pilot should have happened only once or twice in a whole season, not once or twice in every episode. otherwise they will look cheap. what was that? an a..hole sexually harrasts ally mcbeal and gets away with it by saying that he is mentally ill. what kind of legal system allows that? hear me when i say it: if you have any standards about a quality tv show, stay away from this one. because it's below every single one of them.
  • Probobly the worst show in my opininon. Hasn't held the test of time at all and it's only been gone for 5 years.

    Hate to say it but, Calista Flockhart's gleaming breakout role was a fluke. A lawyer who has so much baggage in her personnel life is very disturbing, seeing as how money is on the line every day. Fish probobly was the most non- relevant boss to hit t.v. ever. Your supposed to have that calming head figure who stands out becouse he is the figure head of the workplace, not becouse he's the most whipped man at the office (thank you Lucy Liu). Overall, this show will be remembered for a few things, first this was when David E. Kelly had The Practice along with this show and he was hot, people wanted to watch. And secondly, from the start people were talking about Calista's weight and were tuning into E.T. as well as the show and buzz was all around the show. This show was and forever will be forgotten in the minds of viewers.
  • a really good show that was all about lawers

    i think this show was very good when it came out in the late 90s it was about a lawers one inpaticular ally mcbale. who was fresh out of law school and she was hired at firm but things got bad fast and she was fired and then but into a old friend who offer her a job at another law firm and the show takes off from there it focuas both on her and the cases she deals with which i like that you get to know the person that works a law firm instead of just going in and all you see is the person that is doing the trial. but i think fox had a hit for awhile but i give this show a 8. 0so it was a good show i thought
  • The greatest show about lawyers!

    Funny,dramatic,weird-these are the words that describe 'Ally McBeal'best. It is a great show about life because it teaches you how to live your life when you are happy and how to overcome big hardships.
    The greatest thing about the show are not the storylines but the characters. They are so unique. Everyone is different from the other with their own weird habits.The recurring characters are very intriguing too because they are a big part of the show. The law cases are very entertaining. The show made me want to become a lawyer-the biggest dream of my life.
    The character of Ally is very interesting because she is ambitious young woman who has a problem finding the love of her life. The career success interferes with her personal life. The show is about her experiences finding her love,her relationships with the colleagues and her own weirdness-hallucionations from time to time.
    The show is compelling because it shows the life of the successful lawyer who works hard during the day and parties at night.
    Ally is the successful lawyer who often falls into depresson trying to find the man and who barely hallucinate.
    Richard is the money and women obsessed character who makes laugh a lot.
    John is the geek with incredible capability to win every case but is not so successful in his personal life.
    Ling is the mean and selfish career woman who is ready to do anything in order to succede.
    Elaine is the sexy and lightheated secretary who also has deep soul.
    I love everything about this show and mostly that it made dream to be lawyer and decide my future.
  • The most surprising show!

    When the show was first aired, it came as a huge surprise: a witty combination between comedy and drama, seen from the eyes of a childish lawyer who has love problems. We all remember the dancing cupid and the unicorns, it all became usual at a point. But Ally surprised us some more when she had wild sex in a car-wash station! Then, she fell in love with the hot shrink, then, with the hot plummer (by the way, who would have ever thought Jon Bon Jovi was gonna star in the show!?).
    Bottomline, this show was always like a breath of fresh air, not only because of Ally's "adventures", but because of the silly trials featured, because of funny John, materialist Richard, sexy Elaine, cold hard Nelle, non-human Ling, etc., who all seemed to be just like Ally after all...
  • Wow this show is superb!!!!!

    I started to watch Ally McBeal today...its 2009 and the show has been on forever. Always seen snatches and said I would try it. It is brilliant. It thought it would be mainly of interest to wrong I was. After seeing two episodes I am hooked. Its funny, sad and quirky. At episode two the characterisations are developing so well. Fish's description of why he is into Whipper.."the waddle", the judge who is tolerant to prostitution, Fish's partner who made a speech to staff and then sent around a questionnaire about his delivery of the speech..all alittle insage. I am hooked on this superb TV series.
  • It is a wonderful Character Study!

    I am a big big fan of this series and for that matter all the series that David made that had legal twist to it. I will not call Ally MCBeal to eb a Legal TV Series. It is not Perry Mason and it is not even The Practice which was still a legal drama nevertheless.
    I found the relationship between Ally and Georgia to be the epitome of balance that any writer can achive. I am quite sure that inthe later seasons were written to cash in on the brillian three seasons that the series was based on. This is a major TV series and I am sure that this will be remembered kindly.
  • A show I watch when I have nothing else to do

    The first 3 seasons were really great. After that it got too complicated for me. It is a very funny show. Very entertaining, Calista did a great job portraying a very weird, confused but funny lawyer named Ally McBeal. There are a lot of shows about lawyers, some more serious, some less. This is a show that belongs to the less serious category. And that is good. It makes it interesting to watch and I often laugh out loud while watching it. It's very unfortunate that it went downhill so fast. If the writers could make a less confusing plot, I'm sure it would last longer. Overall, a fairly decent show to watch.
  • It's about a spunky lawyer.

    I don't really remember everything about the show because it's been too long since I've seen it. All I know is that Ally McBeal was a very spunky lady. She was weird, she always saw some dancing baby. The weirdest thing for me was the whole "out of nowhere" daughter. She had donated her eggs ,or ovum, or something and all of a sudden her daughter comes out of the blue. Although I do know that that was Haiden the cheerleader Hero. That's how I know of her. I don't know why I love that show so much and I went and memorized the song. It's awesome.
  • Great show, great actors - just... great!

    This series features many good and versatile actors. I like the themes in the show, e.g. love, relationships, also law once in a while...

    What I particulary like is the weirdness of the characters.
    Ally's fantasies, John's ... everything: nose whistle, Barry White, the remote controlers, the dismount, taking a moment, "troubled"..., Richard's "bygones", the wattle, Elaine's promiscuity and inventions, Ling's inpoliteness and tiger-like roars, Nelle's hair...

    The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because sometimes they tend to be too pathetic with too much romance or over-thinking,or, what I particulary mind, the Ally-Billy moments, their talks...
    I like the musical background (Vonda) but I think that it isn't necessary that every episode starts and finishes with a musical number.
    Even though I don't like the mentioning of the relationship od ally and billy, I find Georgia a nice touch in the show.
    Renee is also a great character.

    My favorite character is definitely Elaine.

    David E. Kelley can be damn proud of himself, he has with "The Practice" and "Ally McBeal" two great shows, one of the best and most well-known shows of the late 90s/early 00s.
  • Meet the world of Ally McBeal

    'Ally McBeal' is one fun show to watch. It's one of a kind, off the wall and totally unpredictable.

    It introduces us to a number of smart, memorable and unique characters. In S1 Ally McBeal, a neurotic young lawyer gets a job at a law firm that belongs to a former friend of hers. Gathered there are probably the most unorthodox lawyers you will find anywhere on TV. The stories told by the show deal with a number of wacky and extraordinary cases, as well as the personal lives of the characters. There is not one character that seems to be 'normal' by any known standard. This is what makes the show so much fun to watch. There is the theme of friendship, comedy, drama and silliness. You can have a good laugh and a good cry, the show doesn't disappoint most of the time.

    I think this show can be seen as a predecessor of 'Boston Legal'. Anyone who likes that show, should love 'Ally McBeal'.
  • I really miss this show... few others have made me feel so involved.

    I started watching Ally McBeal midway thru it's second season and immediately got hooked. It's tendency to keep you involved in the daily goings-on of all it's characters was overwhelming... from the tiniest mishaps to the larger issues, Ally McBeal never ceased to amaze me. I got infatuated with one of the characters (John Cage) and his ability to play a variety of emotions in the same episode always kept me on my toes. Overall, I'd say the show deserves more praise than it did initially, but I feel that as it got closer to the end, it got bogged down with repetitive and often tedious jokes and situations. I really miss this show... another season would've greatly been appreciated.
  • ally mcbeal is a lawyer who wont take any crap people throw her way

    i loved this show for so was so awesome..a very good woman empowering show..b/c she is a strong independent woman who can handle her own cases and is very hard hitting..i love that..good show for displaying women of today and how weve grown..i love the cases..i have always had an interest in law altho i do not wish to pursue it as a profession b/c im terribly shy but ill watch it on tv..i love how intense the cases get and all the action in the court room..sometimes even the judges amuse me..but theres always the case of u win some and u lose some
  • It's been one of my favourite shows.

    When me and one of my friends have nothing to do or say, we just talk about Ally McBeal and suddenly we start laughing, and a boring moment becomes hilarious. In fact the show is simply amazing. The incredible characters of Ally and her collegues make you happy when you think about them: funny scenes and unforgettable cues, weird suits, deep social and personal problems presented in a light and pleasant way, it's an addictive show. You can't do anything but love all the incredible and crazy misfortunes and imperfections that Ally has, you jump into this world of looney lawyers and you just love it. Maybe you can not say that the show represents the reality of the lawyers' job, and you can say that it's a little bit silly and without sense, but the icredible personality of every single character makes you stand in front of the tv from the very beginning to the very end. And what a end! After so many years of laughs and few tears you don't really want to say goodbye to this show, even if you know that it's the perfect moment, the perfect episode for a farewell, maybe one of the best in the history of tv shows. Certainly a show to watch all over again.
  • It is a shame this show stopped!

    Ally McBeal is still a very nice show to watch. Reruns air here in the Netherlands around 7 at night, and whenever possible I try to watch them. I love all the characters. Ally (Calista Flockhart) with her fantasies and problems finding a suiteable guy are always nice to watch! Her difficult relationship with Larry Paul (Robert Downey Jr.) was my favorite. I liked her relationship with John Bon Jovi a bit, but not at much. The other partners John Cage (Peter MacNicol) and Richard Fish (Greg Germann) both had a strange look at life.
    I hope somedaym, a show like Ally McBeal will be written again!
  • The life of the members of a law firm in Boston. Really funny. Real good time ahead.

    I love this show, it's just so funny and serious at the same time. The fourth season is my favorite. The dialogues are better to my mind. And RDJ is simply fabulous in his role.

    All kinds of humour are represented which is so great : irony, satire, fun, comic, everyone can find what he/she is looking for.

    Just picture a lawyer who hallucinates and sees unicorn, and meet ally mcbeal, main character of the show... now picture another lawyer who stutters "poke poke poke" when he's nervous, and meet Jonh Cage, finally picture a real ass who makes mean jokes for a living but who's in reality a sweet heart overprotecting himself and meet Richard Fish.

    Add to that a little romance, so amazing cases, so strange lawyers, and weird people, and you've got a great show that I wish would have continued forever !
  • Now I watch the reruns, I simply miss it badly!

    When I first got to see Ally, I was in college and it became my very favorite. Now after 7 years, I started watching it on DVD and I just cannot believe how clever the show was overall, and how many cutting edge elements the producers introduced! For me to realise that I had missed certain points or wasn't able to read between the lines while I watched it when it aired, completely stuck to the TV, it is stunning.

    Almost every episode hit me, this is something none of the other shows had been capable. I just so miss the anticipation I had, or the uneasiness to wait for another episode, now that I can see them all in whichever order. It ended where it was supposed to end, though hard to admit, but the writers managed to keep it together for the whole time being and amazingly, despite all the major changes in the cast, the show made it all the way to the end as a pioneer!

    John yelling, Ling/Nelle or Richard showing their heart, Billy smiling, Larry talking, Elaine singing, Renee joking and Ally being Ally... This show was and is and will be my all time favorite!
  • definitely worth watching!

    this is one of my favorite series. it's a comedy but it deals mostly with the struggle of being alone. i can certainly most relate to this series. and it's very entertaining especially the special effects used, very creative. ally hears a song in her head everytime and that makes her odd in her lawfirm. the songs used were just perfect on the scenes. it's one of the reasons i like this series. ally mcbeal plays a strong character being a career woman and looking for companionship and relationship to make sense of life coz that's what people do mostly in life. but it's not easy. every relationship poses to be a challenge and it's not always working out. i love the ending of this series when she left and that the other lawyers were there even billy's ghost, her soulmate.
  • One of the best creations of David E. Kelley

    Among the many law shows David E. Kelley delivered over the years Ally McBeal had a special quality to grab the viewer with its scurrile, funny and tragic moments. First of the protagonist with her constant chase after true love and the countless encounters with a possible "Mister Right", in order to get over the loss of the love of her life Billy. Working side by side with him and his new good-looking wife Georgia isn't helping at all. Not much help to ease this "problem" is her assistant Elaine at Cage & Fish. Withdrawn John Cage and Richard Fish, with a fetish for wattles, are the eccentric leaders of the gang, which is amended by vicious Ling Woo and ambitious Nell Porter.
    Not only the characters of the show and the many guest stars with their "special" legal problems added to the outstanding atmosphere of the show, but also the unusual locations, such as the unisex toilet, which was more then once the setting for memorable events.
    The show had the perfect mixture of comedy and drama, which could make you laugh and cry sometimes at same moment. It's a little bit sad, that it's over, but it left at the peak of its fame. And with Boston Legal it has almost an adequate successor.
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